International Corgi Day

International Corgi Day

Corgis are loved for many reasons. Corgis are calm, reserved dogs that are great for urban environments. They are playful and friendly, and will always cheer you up when you’re down. They will not stop pestering until you see a big smile on your face.

International Corgi Day celebrates the wonderful and lovable Corgis who enrich our lives and make life more enjoyable. This day is for pet owners around the globe to show their appreciation to their four-legged companions. Who wouldn’t want to show their corgi how much they care?

Unfortunately, not all things are well for corgis. Some dogs don’t have the same loving and caring owners as others. International Corgi Day is more than just about appreciation. Responsible rehoming, corgi and adoption are also part of the International Corgi Day.

Corgis, just like all other dogs, need support. International Corgi Day gives these dogs the opportunity to receive the help they need to live healthy and long lives. These dogs deserve to be protected and valued by everyone. Their joy and playfulness bring hope and joy to millions.

The Omaha Corgi Crew is the founder of International Corgi Day. In 2011, a group friends started the organization to honor their favorite dog breed. Corgis are, in their words, “vertically-challenged dogs with big hearts,” but they’re also in need of help.

The initial Omaha Corgi Crew was only limited to Omaha. However, corgis are very popular around the globe so there was an immediate need to expand.

This organization is not a rescue or breeder, but more an event organization. It is committed to supporting the breed and bringing together fans. The founders discovered that corgis face unique problems when it comes to adoption, rehoming and purchase. They needed a grassroots organization to highlight the issues they face and get more people interested in the breed.

The group supports thoroughbred corgi as well as corgi mix breeds. The celebrations are open to all corgi-related owners around the globe.

Corgis are becoming more popular. Omaha Corgi Crew reported that it now has more than 1,500 members. Many of these people regularly meet up for charity events to support the breed.

International Corgi Day tends focus on small-base rescue – those little centers that care for dogs that big fundraisers often overlook. Many of these rescues are run by mom-and-pop businesses that need additional funds to continue their operations. Their direction is often the best for fundraising.

Corgi Day brings together many constituencies that are involved in caring for these friendly and playful dogs. There are many ways to help corgis: appreciation societies sponsor merchandise fundraisers and rescue centers promote their corgis for adoption.

Corgis may be a bit short for their height. Many people believe their short stature is what causes their neglect. People often look straight over their feet, argues one. International Corgi Day is an opportunity to remind people that they need to look at their feet. You might find a corgi in dire need there.

Corgis can bring a lot to their owners. They are loved by the Queen. They are perfect house companions because of their unique nature. They are smart, intelligent, and easy to train. They are expressive and easy to understand, which makes them more accessible than other breeds. They are tuned in to their owners’ emotions and will often respond accordingly. People often refer to their corgi as their best friend when they say their dog is their best friend. No matter what your day has been, they can make you feel happy when you walk in the door.

International Corgi Day should bring happiness to your corgi, or corgi-mix. It should feel like Christmas has arrived early. This is your chance to show your corgi that you care about them, even if you don’t know what it all means.

All corgi lovers, these cute pooches are looking for you!

Buy corgi-related merchandise is a great way to show support for International Corgi Day. For example, the Corgwyn Rehabilitation Sanctuary sells t-shirts or hoodies featuring images of corgis at a markedup. A portion of your purchase goes towards the rehabilitation of these beautiful creatures.

A lot of the available merch makes fun of the fact that corgis are vertically-challenged. They are not the problem – it’s their fault!

Participating in fundraising events is the next way to celebrate Corgi Day. Organizers regularly organize activities in communities around the world, so keep an eye out.

The best place to celebrate Corgi Day is at home with your pet. Like any other dog breed, corgis and corgi mixes require love and attention. You have the opportunity to treat your Corgi-mixes on Corgi Day. You can fill their bowls with their favorite foods, take them on a hike or let them play in the water.

Many corgis are waiting to be rehomed in rescue centers all over the country. Adopting a corgi can make a difference in its life.

Corgis are a four-legged friend we all love, but we have a special affection for them. What will you do to celebrate this extraordinary breed on International Corgi Day


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