International Dalek Remembrance Day

International Dalek Remembrance Day

“Exterminate! “Exterminate!” These words are sure to send Doctor Who fans into panic or make them run to the TV for the latest episode. Doctor Who has been around for a long time. The Daleks, his most fearful enemy and longest-running, are ultimately responsible for the destruction Gallifrey during the Time War.

International Dalek Remembrance Day commemorates the 1963 appearance of the Daleks on Doctor Who. This day is regarded as the moment when the show’s most instantly recognizable element, other than the TARDIS, was created.

The Dalek’s were inspired and created after the Nazi’s of Third Reich Germany, which most people don’t realize. They believe that everyone else but a Dalek should be considered inferior and were created by Davros to be the master race.

They are terrifying, sure, but almost indestructible. Their personality leads you to believe they are nothing more than “toddlers with perpetual hissy fits” who go insane when their will or ambition is crushed.

The Dalek’s are a common reference in Whovian culture and in particular in English culture where it originated. However, Whovians are now everywhere and anyone who has been a fan of the show will recognize references to the Daleks.

There are many ways to commemorate International Dalek Remembrance Day. However, the most popular way is to decorate your Christmas Tree as a Dalek. It almost has the right shape, and you have already decorated it with lights and ornaments. With a little imagination, it is easy to transform it into a Dalek!

A Doctor Who marathon is another popular way to celebrate the occasion. It’s only a few days before the Christmas Day premiere episode and you can catch them all again between the International Dalek Remembrance Day or the Christmas Premier.

You might want to get together with your friends and share Doctor Who-inspired snacks. You’re the season for cookies so make Dalek Sugar cookies while you watch the show. International Dalek Remembrance Day offers a wonderful opportunity to embrace your Whovian nature. So get out there and “Exterminate!” some thing!


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