International Day of Acceptance

International Day of Acceptance

The (International) International Day of Acceptance combines a valuable social-entrepreneurship awareness experiment with a heartwarming backstory.

Annie Hopkins, who founded 3E Love to make the planet a better place, also created the International Symbol of Acceptance. This symbol shows a wheelchair that looks like a heart. The symbol and the occasion communicate 3E Love’s ethos of devotion to equality, respect, and understanding. They can be appreciated by all people.

3E Love is a disability-owned and operated business. 3E Love aims to empower people with pride and passion rather than charity. Annie’s determination to inspire others around the globe by inspiring them to take control of their lives, follow their dreams, and be the best they can is what makes us who we are.

Annie died on January 20, 2009 after unexpected complications in a routine medical procedure. Annie’s memory lives on in her family and friends, as well as in the International Symbol of Acceptance. Stevie Hopkins, Annie’s brother and who helped her to start 3E Love, gave tribute to his sister’s selflessness and promised to keep them alive. Stevie Hopkins and her family created an annual celebration to Annie’s death. They invited everyone to participate in the event.

ThreeE Love says, “Friends, tell everyone you love that you accept who you are.” You aren’t living disabled; you are actually living.”

We hope you will join us in spreading the word about the Days of the Year team and paying tribute to this amazing girl and her remarkable philosophy.


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