International Day Of Awesomeness

International Day Of Awesomeness

Are you truly amazing? You are. All of us have moments of awesomeness in our veins, and each day we have a little bit of truly epic grade awesomeness. It’s up to us to recognize it.

Are you up and about this morning? You’re amazing, yes. You managed to get up at 3am every night because your mama wasn’t a quitter. It was absolutely amazing! You managed to mix the reds with the whites, and now you are sporting a pink button down! You go! You’re not the only one who can do that shade of “oops” with such ease. Day of Awesomeness is a celebration of the awesomeness that exists within each of us every single day and allows us to shine our awesomeness.

We can all support an International Day Of Awesomeness! It’s a celebration for all things awesome, even yourself. People are amazing every day, but they don’t know it. It is, however, different on this day! All forms of awesomeness should be admired.

“No one is perfect, but everybody can be awesome” – This is our tagline for the day. It replaces the old tagline “Because everyone has an excuse to be awesome!” The original tagline was created Dan Lurie. Kevin Lawver’s daughter, the creator of the day, created the second tagline.

This day falls on Chuck Norris‚Äô birthday. Chuck Norris, an American screenwriter and film producer, actor, martial artist, is the day. You can’t get more amazing than this, right?

This day is a great day to celebrate all things awesome. It also gives us the motivation to do amazing things even if it’s not something we usually do. You don’t have to take it too seriously because this day is meant to be fun. The International Day of Awesomeness may be the right opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream, regardless of whether it is indoor skydiving or jumping from a plane.

Kevin Lawver was the leader of the Day of Awesomeness, which took place in August 2007. It was then that it became clear to him that one of his interns needed to celebrate his awesomeness. Lawver fashion, he declared that there should be an International Day of Awesomeness and posted the sentiment to Twitter. It took life, and it is now an epic celebration in the tradition of people embedded with incredible awesomeness.

You may be curious as to how exactly this auspicious holiday was selected. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Chuck Norris, the Patron Saint of Awesomeness. This incredible martial-artist and inspiration is simply too amazing to be ignored. The holiday’s motto was adopted shortly after its inception: “No one can be perfect, but all people can be amazing.” This is the encouragement you need to keep going when life is spinning out of control.

Be you! Take a walk down the street, being your amazing and unrivaled self. Then make it a point to recognize the greatness in others. Gather a group of friends to host an awesomelympics where you display the most amazing feats of awesomeness that you can think of. It doesn’t matter what you do, the heart of the Day is about awesomeness. If you don’t have fun, you aren‚Äôt being awesome. How can you break the boundaries of awesomeness on the Day of Awesomeness

On the International Day Of Awesomeness, you can also learn a bit about Chuck Norris. Chuck was a member of the United States Air Force before he won many martial arts championships. He was a blackbelt in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Tang Soo Do. He even found his own discipline, Chun Kuk Do, as a result. Hollywood called and Chuck was able to train actors for roles in movies. He was featured in several films, including Good Guys Wear Black and Breaker! Way of the Dragon, Breaker! You will be inspired to be the best version of yourself by reading up on Chuck Norris. Even better, you could celebrate the International Day Of Awesomeness with a film that Chuck Norris starred in. We recommend An Eye for an Eye and The Octagon as well as A Force of One. Chuck made several studio films, including Lone Wolf McQuade and Forced Vengeance.

You can also spend the Day of Awesomeness by creating a list of all the amazing things you want to accomplish in your life. Then, you can get to work and check off every item on your list.


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