International Day of Forests

Trees are essential for our survival. They also provide shade and beauty on hot days. All of these reasons, and more, should make protecting our planet’s trees a priority. Thankfully, this has happened recently. We still have a lot to do, as millions of hectares of forest are being cut down each year. However, the International Day of Forests shows that we are making significant progress.

By resolution of the United Nations General Assembly of November 28, 2012, the International Day of Forests was created on March 21st. Every year, various events have been held to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of forests and trees beyond forests. For many reasons, the state of our forests is vital to all of us here on Earth. 80% of terrestrial biodiversity lives within forests and every year many species are lost due to their destruction. Forests also play an important role in climate change. Deforestation causes 12-18% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and accelerates global warming. Around 1.6 billion people live in forests, which provide food, fiber, water, and even medicine.

You have many options to celebrate this day. You could plant trees. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your job to dedicate your life to planting thousands. It would suffice to plant one or two trees in your yard. You must love a particular fruit, so why not plant one or two fruit trees? Nothing can make summer feel more alive than fresh fruit from the tree. You can make pesticide- and herbicide free jams and juices that you can enjoy for many months. A great way to celebrate International Day of Forests is to go on a hike in the nearby forest or to take a relaxing walk.

It is easy to take trees for granted. Going out for the sake of observing their beauty and all that nature has to offer, while getting some fresh air, would be a great idea. Even if you don’t feel like being active, it is possible to take some time to reflect on what you can do to prevent trees from being felled. You can rent books from the library, reuse old paper, and teach your children how to do the same. It’s hard to find a way to make an issue more visible to help it get solved faster, especially when it concerns people who will be the future of humanity.

Make a difference this International Day of Forests. One tree doesn’t seem important, but millions of hectares certainly do. If we all took a little more care, the planet could be a better place.


Mar 21 2025


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