International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness

A personal sense of happiness can make your day more enjoyable and add great value. What if happiness could be shared on a global scale? What would this do to the economy and society?

International Day of Happiness celebrates happiness around the globe, encouraging people to share their positivity with others, and encouraging every nation to place happiness first.

It’s not surprising that happiness has been a key pursuit in human life for thousands of years.

Aristotle, an Ancient Greek philosopher, believed that happiness was the only thing humans want in and of itself. All our other desires and wants ultimately contribute to happiness, but happiness is the ultimate goal. In the 18th and 19th century, utilitarians like John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham developed an ethics theory that defined virtuous acts and happiness as actions that maximize happiness and reduce suffering.

Happiness can lead to a more equitable and balanced approach to economic development. It helps tackle poverty, promotes personal and social well-being, and encourages sustainable development. Bhutan, an East Asian country, is a great example. It adopted the concept of Gross National Happiness in place of Gross National Product in 1990s. This prioritized happiness for its citizens in all economic growth decisions.

International Day of Happiness is a global event with a long history. Jayme Illien, an advisor to the United Nations, introduced the idea to them in 2011. Illien was also the founder of the United Nations New Economic Paradigm Project and ‘happytalism,’ which aims to transform the way nations approach their economic growth by emphasizing ‘happytalism” over capitalism.

The proposal was accepted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, who officially established International Day of Happiness in 2012, the first time it was observed in 2013. This celebration recognizes the importance of happiness for all people and makes it clear that public policies must incorporate happiness.

International Day of Happiness (IDH) is celebrated by several organizations including Action for Happiness and These websites and social media allow people to share inspiring stories about their happiness, how it contributes to others, and how it can help pave the road towards a better tomorrow.

Although happiness can be difficult to define, it is a broad concept that covers two main areas: how we feel right now and how content we are with our lives. Joy or euphoria can be a sudden surge of intense emotion, but happiness can also include a steady and calmer feeling of contentment.

These two elements are important for real happiness. However, there is much debate about their relative importance. Many argue that the long-term quality and quantity of life is more important than short-term emotional highs. The Ancient Greeks believed that happiness was associated with virtue and excellence. This meant that individuals were able to fulfill their social roles to the best of their ability.

Other cultures view happiness as a collective achievement that the entire community should strive for. In the West, where happiness is more important, the emphasis has shifted to our personal psychology and well-being as the source of contentment.

Share what makes you happy to celebrate International Day of Happiness It can help you feel happier and more fulfilled by taking the time to appreciate all that we are grateful for. You might also consider making it a daily habit by keeping a gratitude journal.

Quality relationships are the key to happiness. Spend time with your loved ones and work to repair any broken relationships. A simple tip to improve your quality of life is to sleep more. So why not get an early night to feel refreshed!

Action for Happiness offers many great resources to help you find greater happiness. You can access an app and a monthly action calendar that will give you tips on how to bring more positivity and mindfulness into the daily life. You can also find a variety of self-help books and articles that detail various keys to happiness. Check out your local bookstore for more information.

These are great ways to improve your personal well-being, but happiness comes from contributing to the communities and societies where we live. Why not share these resources with your family, friends, and colleagues?

Social media is another way to connect with others. This is a powerful tool that allows us to spread our happiness and share our activities around the globe in seconds.

The World Happiness Report is published every year on the International Day of Happiness. It ranks countries and cities by their happiness levels. Which place do you and your local community reside?

Whatever way you celebrate International Day of Happiness it will bring a smile on your face!


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