International Day of Medical Transporters

International Day of Medical Transporters

Medical Transporters can save your life, whether you are being transported to the hospital in an ambulance following a serious accident or taken to your appointment in a van that is provided by your local medical provider. International Day of Medical Transporters is celebrated all over the globe to recognize those who help when you are in danger.

Medical Transportation’s history can be traced back as far as World War I, when Field Ambulances carried those who needed medical care to the facilities that could treat them. Medical Orderlies were used to transport patients to hospitals, while ambulances were used in community.

These brave souls would see their roles grow over time to include emergency care, medication distribution, and treatment of patients with severe medical conditions.

The number of Medical Transporters in healthcare is increasing. As a result, the roles they play are expanding as more niche practices look for ways to include them in their daily work. These professionals are responsible for our daily lives.

You can celebrate International Day of Medical Transporters if you work in the medical sector by accepting their role. You can ride with them in the ambulance, or just ride along and see the daily life of a Medical Transporter. You might find yourself admiring the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting your health and getting you the treatment you require.


Aug 20 2024


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