International Day of Pink

International Day of Pink

International Day of Pink was established to combat bullying, discrimination and homophobia in cities and towns around the globe. Everyone is encouraged to wear a pink shirt on this day and organize activities in their schools, workplaces, and communities to support the day.

Two straight high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada started the International Day of Pink after they saw a student who was gay being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. They intervened immediately, but wanted to do more to stop homophobic or transphobic bullying at their school.

These two young men were able to find pink shirts on their own and decided to wear them. They also managed to get almost all the students at their school to wear pink, in solidarity against bullying, a few days later. It was the result that almost all of their school took a stand against bullying and started working together to stop it, especially related to homophobia or transphobia.

The International Day of Pink campaign continues to grow. It has become an international anti-bullying campaign, which thrives in schools and workplaces as well as communities. The International Day of Pink, the awareness-raising, acceptance, and conversations that it generates, are making a significant impact on the lives of trans and queer youth. This is the day to be pink, have some conversations and encourage acceptance.

Celebrate International Day of Pink with us!

There are many ways to observe and celebrate International Day of Pink, including these ideas:

A pink shirt is more than a simple thing for one day. It is a pledge to allies that will last throughout the year. Although it is true that April 11th is a significant day, wearing a pink shirt is merely the first step. It is a sign that people are standing together with bullied students, particularly those who were bullied at school because of their sexual orientation.

It is important to support International Day of Pink by getting educated on bullying, how to stop it and what to do if you are affected. The Stop Bullying website has valuable information.

If you are interested in celebrating International Day of Pink, consider participating in a community event. Many events will take place throughout the week in some communities and not just on the International Day of Pink!

Flash mobs, comedy acts, fundraisers and educational lectures are just a few of the many events you can participate in. Pins, buttons, and many other resources are also available on Day of Pink’s website.

To host an event, or to show support for International Day of Pink (in English or French), visit the Day of Pink official website. You will find a toolkit to help you connect. The site allows you to order T-shirts. You can also order virtual stickers and GIFS from the site to use in social media content. The printable posters are adorable too!

Donating to anti-bullying charities is a great way to help the International Day of Pink cause. These are some anti-bullying charities which might benefit from your support.

People don’t realize that the word “alliance” is more than a noun. It is also a verb. Allies are those who listen to and learn from others. To stand up for others and to be there for them, it is important to work all year.

Only with this commitment year round can the human race make real progress in eliminating bullying and discrimination within all communities. If you witness bullying in your community, at school or at work, it is time to speak up.

Anyone can end bullying by engaging in and maintaining a discussion about it.


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