International Day of Radiology

International Day of Radiology

International Day of Radiology was established in 2012 to celebrate the changing role in modern healthcare of medical imaging. The 8th of November is also the anniversary of the discovery of X-rays, as discovered by, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen in 1895.

Originally the European Day of Radiology was launched in 2011 organised by the European Society of Radiology but as interest grew, the ESR joined forces with the Radiological Society of North America and the American College of Radiography and established the International Day of Radiology.

With a changing theme each year, the focus for 2018 is Cardiac Imaging aiming to highlight he importance of the role radiologist in cardiac care play in the diagnosis, pre-procedure work and follow up of patients.

the ESR, RSNA & ACR are supported by umbrella organisations from all around the world to highlight the fast growing, innovative, medical and scientific capabilities of Radiology. International, national and local events, fundraisers and conferences are arranged for this day and to find out more please visit or check out the face book page for announcements about the day.


Aug 11 2024


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