International Day of the Nacho

International Day of the Nacho

Although tortillas have been around for thousands years, nachos are relatively new. Participate in International Day of the Nacho to learn more and celebrate the joy of Mexican food!

In the 1940s, someone came up with the brilliant idea of cutting corn tortillas into thin strips and then frying them in oil. Then, you can add salsa, meat, and other goodies to top it.

According to legend, Ignacia Anaya (or Nacho) Anaya was the head chef at a Mexican restaurant near the northern border. The chef ran out of ingredients when American soldiers arrived late at night. He tossed tortilla chips with pickled jalapenos and shredded cheese into the mix, and it was a huge hit. It was named after his nickname, and “nachos” quickly became a household name.

In the 1970s, nachos became popular along with many other Mexican and Tex-Mex foods. A quick version of nachos was soon available at concession stands in state fairs, sports stadiums, and other places. It is topped with hot, melted cheddar cheese.

Famous sports announcer Howard Cosell spoke about nachos during a Dallas Cowboys match in 1978. Nachos went wild after the media bump. Nachos were introduced to convenience stores, movie theaters and school cafeterias.

International Day of the Nacho celebrates and encourages simple, delicious food that brings joy and pleasure to people around the globe!

You can join the fun of International Day of the Nacho by trying out tons of creative ways to celebrate it! These ideas will inspire you to create your own.

Nachos can be found at many restaurants, depending on where you are located. Baja Fresh and Del Taco are both fast, fresh restaurants. You can also choose a restaurant like Chili’s, Applebee’s or Baja Fresh for a large selection of nachos that you can share or enjoy as a main course.

Get together a few of your friends, family members, or neighbors to throw a party to celebrate International Day of the Nacho! Nachos are a quick and easy dish that can be served to a large crowd.

One guest can bring the tortilla chips and another the jalapeno peppers. A different person can bring beans. There are many options for different recipes to bring to the dinner party, so the more guests you have, the better!

You can decorate the event with Mexican or Tex-Mex themes. Guests may even wear a sombrero, serape or a sombrero in honor of the occasion. You can serve dessert with churros, sopapillas, or flan as an individual dish.

You can take International Day of the Nacho up a notch by creating a playlist of music that matches the theme of the day. You can even play it at the party mentioned previously!

Consider the Mexican origins of this dish and choose music that is culturally relevant to it.

In 2012, the University of Kansas set the record for the largest plate of nachos in the world. It consisted of more than 4600 pounds of chips, measuring 80 feet in length, 2 feet in width, and 10 inches deep. The toppings included 860 lbs of ground beef, 860 lbs of nacho cheese and 1200 lb beans.

This much food didn’t go to waste. In an effort to raise funds for charity, large quantities of nachos were sold to track and field participants.


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