International Day of Veterinary Medicine

International Day of Veterinary Medicine

They are the friends we all have in our lives. These are the ones that love us unconditionally and only want to be loved. Our animal friends are the scaly fish in the tank, our furry fur-balls that wait at the door every day to stop us from doing anything productive, and our wagging tails that join us on our morning jog.

How would our lives be if we didn’t have pets? A lot less. International Day of Veterinary Medicine recognizes the profession that keeps our friends and those who practice it.

International Day of Veterinary Medicine recognizes companies and organizations such as the American Veterinary Medicine Association, which work each year to not only promote the development of veterinary medicine but also to make sure that pet owners have the information they need to make informed decisions about their pets.

These organizations are at the forefront of Veterinary Medicine, whether it’s a notice regarding the content of a new dog food (which sometimes leads to them being recalled like Cesar Classics Filet Mignon Flavor Wet Food October 2016) or a new medicine you might want to discuss with your vet.

International Day of Veterinary Medicine also recognizes the brave souls who keep animals safe and continue to learn to ensure that our pets are healthy and happy for many years to come. Special mention goes to exotic animal medicine practitioners, who are often learning about animals that are not commonly kept as pets.

Show your veterinarian extra love on International Day of Veterinary Medicine. Send them a card or fruit basket to show your appreciation for their hard work.

It’s a great way to celebrate the day by learning about the latest innovations in veterinary medicine, and sharing them with friends and colleagues who have pets. You might just find something that will make your furry friends or pets live longer. International Day of Veterinary Medicine can also be a great opportunity to schedule that appointment for your pet.


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