International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Every dog has a day. This is mine. Dog Biscuit Day is a day that no one seems to know about, but everyone knows how to celebrate it. Dog owners can make unusual or homemade treats for the occasion and pets will love it.

James Spratt, an American manufacturer, created the first dog biscuits in the middle of 19th century. After visiting Liverpool, England, he had an epiphany. He saw stray dogs eating ship biscuits and was inspired to create the dog biscuits. Spratts was the first to be made in London. The secret recipe included both meat and vegetables.

Dog biscuits are used as reward in show ring and training. You can even find special biscuits that clean dogs’ teeth. Treating your best friend with a treat is a great way to help him stay healthy.


Feb 23 2025


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