International Dot Day

Dot Day was created with the intention of inspiring children and adults to engage in creative pursuits and activities.

International Dot Day was created to inspire people of all ages and encourage creativity. The children’s book The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds is the inspiration for the event. This book tells the story of Vashti, a teacher who challenges Vashti to draw. The story moves from a dot on a paper to the youngster making her mark.

The Dot was published by Candlewick Press in 2003. It has been translated into at most twenty languages by children and adults from all over the globe.

Terry Shay, a real-life teacher, brought this book to class in late 2000s. It was this simple gesture that ignited Dot Day. This day has evolved from a single classroom to a global celebration every year. This is one example of how simple acts can spark joy and delight in people all over the world.

Get ready to celebrate Dot Day

How to Celebrate International Dot Day

Participating in International Dot Day celebrations can be simple or complex. You can do it with a few friends or a whole school. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to Dot Day celebrations!

Teachers can encourage students and help them to be creative by encouraging them to write, draw, paint, or do other creative activities. You can view the Dot Gallery, which features work from creatives from all over the world. The website is not only for students, but anyone can participate to showcase their creative talents through various artistic and creative activities.

The Dot, Peter H. Reynolds’ book is a great way to honor International Dot Day. This book can be enjoyed at home in peace, or read aloud to a family member or group of children at school. To prepare for your day, head to the bookstore or library and pick up a copy!

To see a growing list celebrities who support the International Dot Day’s creative efforts, visit “Celebri-dots”, a blog. The Dot has inspired many artists, performers, and authors. It’s worth a look!

Teachers and other educators can download free resources to celebrate International Dot Day. The Dot Club has an online handbook that contains activities created by Peter H. Reynolds with the intention of inspiring creativity in the classroom.

The book was well-received in its day, and a year later, The Dot was made into a film which won the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video. This inspiring story is well worth the effort. It can be animated into beautiful, moving pictures.


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