International Drive Your Studebaker Day

International Drive Your Studebaker Day

A car has a long history of being an elegant and beautiful tribute to automobile luxury. It was built with the best engineering and is owned by the wealthiest men and women in the country. This car is the Studebaker.

There would be years of anticipation as Studebakers were released. This was partly due to the timeless designs and the incredible engineering that each model offered. Studebaker Day is a celebration of these amazing automobiles and their place in automotive history.

The Studebaker’s history dates back to a surprising length. Its roots can be traced back to 1736, when Peter Studebaker and family arrived in New World aboard the Harle. Peter and Anna Studebaker are originally from Rotterdam in Holland. Peter’s brother Clement, Anna, and Heinrich arrived to find opportunity on the wild and unexplored American Frontier. They built the first Studebakers from their Bakers Lookout home, which is still standing today.

Transport was a family trait. Their legend began with the creation and completion of the Broadfording Wagon Road in Washington County, Maryland. 18 years later, the entire first generation Studebaker immigrants had died. However, the legacy of their name as well as their place in transportation industry was preserved through their children. They remained in their position for the next 100 years, until the first Studebaker horseless carriage, which was built in 1895. They would keep the business going for 70 to 80 more years, before finally diversifying out of making their vehicles. This left a legacy of beautiful and well-designed cars that will be treasured and fond memories.

Studebaker Day gives you the chance to drive your classic Studebaker and show the world how solid Dutch-American craftsmanship is on four wheels. There are still thousands of Studebaker cars and trucks, which are driven daily by passionate enthusiasts who will not let these magnificent vehicles go. You can still see a Studebaker in person at rallies around the globe.


Oct 09 2024


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