International Eat An Apple Day

International Eat An Apple Day

There are many sayings about apples. But one thing is certain: it’s true regardless of where you live. Apples are delicious and a healthy addition for anyone’s diet. (Well, except if you are allergic. But let’s not discuss the corner cases. The apple’s history can be traced back to the present-day Turkey. From there, they have spread all over the globe to become one the most beloved fruits.

International Eat an Apple Day is rooted in thousands of cultural celebrations where the apple has been honored. Its inclusion in many mythologies demonstrates how important it is. To the Norse, the goddess Idunn gave apples that granted eternal life to them. This story was passed on to the Greeks in one of 12 Labours of Heracles where they were sent to pick a golden Apple from the Tree of Life in The Garden of Hesperides. The Trojan War began with the Trojan apple, which was also tipped in a fight over who was most beautiful.

Apples are delicious and a part of many countries’ food culture identities. The American Apple Pie is a key part of many people’s identity. People are known to say “As American as Apple Pie.” Apple Custards, Apple Dumplings, Caramel Apples at Halloween and other delicious treats are all popular. Even Ireland has a Beef Apple Stew with a unique flavor, sweetened instead of savory. International Eat An Apple Day invites you to join in the celebrations and maybe even create your own.

The best way to celebrate something is in its name. Eat an apple! There are many ways you can enjoy apples. We think that eating them as part of apple pie is the best way to enjoy them. You can top it with the best topping. Hot slices with vanilla ice cream are the best.


Sep 17 2024


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