International Everest Day

International Everest Day

Mount Everest is known all over the world as the highest mountain. Many dream of seeing this majestic mountain in person and possibly climbing its steep slopes to reach its breathtaking summit.

International Everest Day celebrates this incredible natural wonder and brave adventurers who braved it.

Everest, located at the Himalayan border of Nepal and China, is a mountain with many names. Sagarmatha in Nepali means “the Head of the Great Blue Sky”, while Qomolangma, the Tibetan term for Everest, is a reference to the Holy Mother. Sir George Everest, the British Surveyor General of India gave the English name.

Mount Everest was first attempted to climb in the 1920s. Various expeditions led by British were involved. Although many climbers were able to reach the summit, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay achieved the ultimate feat on the ninth expedition in 1953.

Norgay, a Nepali-Indian Sherpa, and Hillary, a New Zealander, reached Everest on 29 May at 11:11 am, making them the first to step foot on the world-famous mountaintop. There is a chance that Andrew Irvine and George Mallory, two other climbers, may have reached the summit back in 1924. However, they disappeared shortly after departing for the final leg. It is not known if the pair succeeded in their mission. Mallory’s body was discovered in 1999. Hillary and Norgay are the first mountaineers who have officially climbed Mount Everest.

Since 1953, thousands have climbed the mountain. Some as young as 13, others as old as 80. Everest is not only a place for mountaineering but also a popular spot for winter sports like paragliding, skiing, and even base jumping.

In 2008, Hillary’s death was announced by Nepal. The day was named International Everest Day and Norgay and Hillary were the summit dates. This day is celebrated worldwide, despite the fact that there are many memorials and events in the area.

It’s not only in honor of the climbers but also for the majestic mountain. Everest is a sacred place in Nepalese culture and Sherpa culture. Chomolungma, which means ‘Mother Of The World’ in Sherpa culture, is treated with great respect by Sherpas. They also make offerings to the mountain during a puja ceremony prior to climbing. They are also involved in environmental protection, clearing out trash from the mountainside so that it remains beautiful for future generations.

Everest, at almost 8,850m (over 29,000 feet) high, is the highest mountain in the world measured from sea level. The summit is a daunting task for those brave explorers who attempt to climb it.

Because of its altitude, the lowest oxygen levels are a major obstacle. The peak air pressure is only a third that of sea level. Climbers must adjust slowly and carry extra oxygen above 8,000m. Otherwise, they could become altitude sick or even die. The popularity of Everest has made it more dangerous. There are large queues at the summit, which means climbers must deal with oxygen deprivation for longer periods.

The icy weather can also pose a problem, and mountaineers could get frostbite if they are exposed to cold temperatures for too long. There are also dangers from the treacherous mountain conditions, especially the Khumbu Icefall’s crevasses, ravines, and strong winds.

More than 300 climbers have died on the mountain. In 1996, eight people were killed in a blizzard. 2014 and 2015 also saw avalanches causing tragedy.

People tend to climb for a short time, usually just over a week, to reduce the difficulty of the task. This allows them to avoid winter’s harsh weather and also helps to avoid monsoon season. While it is becoming more popular to hire experienced guides to assist them in their climbs, some services can run up to $200,000 for some.

If you live close to a mountain, or a large hill, it’s a great opportunity! To celebrate, you can climb your local “Everest”. You should ensure that the climb is appropriate for your ability and fitness level. Also, bring snacks and a drink to fuel you up. Both the climb to the top and the breathtaking view from the top are incredibly rewarding experiences.

You’re seriously considering climbing Everest. Now is the right time to begin your journey! When climbing the highest summit in the world, it’s safer to be an experienced climber. So take your time and build up to this milestone achievement. If you are already familiar with the outdoor activity, you can start planning your Everest trip now!

No matter how you celebrate, make sure you tell your family, friends, and colleagues via social media so you can all share this monumental day together.


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