International FND Awareness Day

International FND Awareness Day

One of the biggest misconceptions about diseases and disorders is that patients can control their symptoms. FND is an example of a disorder that does not allow for control.

Many diseases and disorders don’t have cures. It can be difficult for patients and doctors to diagnose and treat symptoms.

FND is one of those conditions that leaves many confused and looking for answers. Find out more about FND, the holiday, and how you can help.

FND (or Functional Neurological Disorder) is a condition that causes communication problems between the brain, body and brain. This can happen even if both brain and body function normally. FND can mimic other conditions, as different patients may experience symptoms that range from chronic pain to immobility.

Many patients who come to a doctor’s offices are diagnosed with diseases that affect the body, rather than the mind. FND does not have symptoms that are psychological or organic, but they still cause pain. This is why FND is less well-known than other diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. Physical therapy is currently the best option for FND treatment. aims to help those who may have FND learn more about it and how they can get treatment. FND Hope is an advocacy non-profit organization for patients. It aims to educate the public about FND and help them find a cure.

FND Hope has locations in the USA, UK, and Australia. Their main goal is to connect people worldwide through networking. They also encourage others to become advocates for FND. FND Hope has multiple publications in various research magazines, and thousands of people are conversing in their public forums. This annual holiday was founded in 2017.

If you want to help out with this holiday, then share their main holiday page on your favorite social media websites and use the hashtags #LetsTalkFND and #intenationalFNDawarenessday to let everyone know what day it is. You can also share your online experiences about FND and make a donation to the organization to educate others about FND.


Apr 13 2025


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