International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is here! Grab your phone and get on your bike or the Playstation. International Friendship Day is a day where friends from all walks of life show their appreciation and remind them why they are your best friend. You can send a message, send a picture collage to Facebook, send a card or send a text message to your friends. International Friendship Day was founded in 1919 by Hallmark. The original intention was to allow people to share their friendship through sending cards to each other. However, by 1940, the market for these cards had dried up and it eventually died. Believe it or not, Winnie the Pooh was chosen as the Ambassador of Friendship to the United Nations in 1998. The United Nations recognized 30 July 2011 as International Friendship Day. However, most countries celebrate it on the first Sunday in August. International Friendship Day hashtags allow us to connect with others around the world. Although it may seem like too much bureaucracy and red tape when it comes down to something as broad as International Friendship Day it is something we should celebrate. This is a wonderful phenomenon because there are so many cultures that will be celebrating this day. International Friendship Day is a global celebration of friendship. There are no rules. Each friendship, no matter how old or new, is different. That is the beauty of friendships. You and your best friends have a blank canvas to do what you want, within reason, and to remember the times together. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first kiss or your most memorable moments, you can go to places that are important to you. You can also go to the place you both promised you would always visit. International Friendship Day is a great occasion because of that. Even though life can get in the way of friendship, they will not be disappointed if there isn’t a huge celebration. Perhaps next year? A simple phone call to check in on them could turn into an hour-long conversation about life, the universe and everything in between. This is a great way for long-lost friends to get together and share all the secrets that won’t be shared on social media. It’s a great way for friends to keep in touch and learn about each other’s lunches. Writing essays by students can be used to explain what friendship means to them and why they consider their friends the best. Art, poetry, and many other avenues can be used to encourage kids to think about friendship. This is a chance to reach out and celebrate your friendship with old and new friends as well as those you don’t see every day.


Jul 01 - 30 2024


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