International Gin and Tonic Day

International Gin and Tonic Day

For the longest time, gin and tonics were a British staple. Gin and tonics are a classic among many amazing cocktails. They have a bitter taste, but can be diluted with lime and sugar to make them more palatable. Gin and tonics are worthy of being celebrated, no matter where you get it.

The British East India Company’s reign in India in the 1700’s was when the cocktail idea was born. Malaria was a problem in India, where it had been rife for a while. George Cleghorn, an American doctor who was originally from Scotland, discovered that quinine (a flavor component in tonic water) could be used to treat malaria. The taste was not liked by many.

British officers in India began to add water, sugar, lime and gin into their tonic water in the 1800’s. Thus, a gin-and-tonic was born. Tonic water can’t be used to treat malaria, but it is sweeter and contains less quinine. The gin component of this cocktail is made with juniper berries. It was originally sold in 17th-century Holland as a remedy for stomach problems, such as gallstones, gout, and stomach issues.

Gin and tonic was a British favorite drink that became well-known. It would also become a very popular cultural staple. The James Bond movie Dr. No was one of the most prominent references to this drink. Bond speaks about a Jamaican drink where you would add a whole lime to the drink, which makes it tart and refreshing.

There are many references to gin and tonics in popular culture. However, they are considered to be the classic cocktail. To celebrate the history of this new drink, the day was created in 2011.

The event organizers describe it as a day where gin-lovers can indulge in their favourite drinks in the old-fashioned tradition. They can step back in history and taste the delicious flavors of the drink with modern twists.

The event’s hallmark is the wide variety of gin- and tonic recipe options. Mixologists have been creating drinks for almost every taste, from those who love bitterness to those who like spicy G&Ts (yes, literally). ).

Regular drinkers can learn more about their favourite drinks on International Gin and Tonic Day. One example of this is sloe Gin, which is one of the most popular drinks. It’s made by steeping the blackthorn trees in sugar water for several weeks. Harvesters remove the sloes from the trees after the first frost of the winter, usually in October and November. Then they submerge them into spirits. Then they let them steep to impart their flavor to the rest the gin in the months that followed.

Trendy bars are also stocked with flavored gins. The rhubarb and orange varieties are now available to punters, giving the experience an extra kick. Many companies have begun to experiment with herbal flavors, including lovage, for those who have more refined tastes. This savory gin is not like regular flavors, and offers drinkers something completely new to delight their palates.

Brands are also introducing nostalgic gin lines that are inspired by childhood treats for those who want something a little more wild. Specialist vendors can sell Jammy Dodger, Hubba Bubba and Fruit Salad flavors for Gin fans.

This James Bond gin-and-tonic recipe is a great way for you to celebrate the cocktail. It was the one Bond ordered from the balcony with a view of Kingston Harbour. Add either Beefeater gin or Gordon’s gin to a glass. Next, add as much Angostura bitters as you like and, if possible, the juice of whole lime.

The unique tartness of the limes gives this drink a distinct flavor that sets it apart from other gin and tonics. If you love the drink, share this holiday on your favorite social media websites using the hashtag #internationalginandtonicday.

A gin tasting tour is a great way to discover the different gin flavors. You have two options: visit a distillery, which is possible. Or you can order a tasting kit online with several tiny bottles to try.

You can also learn the art of distilling from the comfort of your own home. Online courses are now available from Gin Schools that will teach you the basics of making gin using juniperberries. The course also includes information about the equipment and rules of selling and producing gin.

Every International Gin and Tonic Day has special events that celebrate the spirit of the drink in all its glory. Gin parties are held regularly at bars, clubs, and other venues that offer delicious liquors. These parties allow you to enjoy gin and great music, as well as tasty snacks.

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