International Grenache Day

International Grenache Day

A deep purple-red jewel hangs in clusters amongst vibrant green leaves in Aragon, north Spain. It was grown in the warm sun of its homeland, and has a distinctive berry-type sweetness. This makes it an interesting choice for wine lovers.

This is the Grenache Grape. It was once known as Tinto Aragones (Red of Aragon). International Grenache Day is a celebration of the rich history and contributions of this grape to some of the most delicious wines in the world.

The Grenache is a product of the Aragon region in northern Spain. Its original source is Garnacha. It has been cultivated in Sardinia and Southern France, San Joaquin Valley, California, and even Australia. This is actually one of the most popular red grape varieties on the planet.

The grape’s flavor profile is so varied throughout its life. It can be raspberry/strawberry with a light white pepper spice in its early years, and then aging in wine to produce leathery and tart flavors. These flavors can sound unfavorable to wine lovers who don’t love wine, but they can be an interesting point of interest to wine enthusiasts who make wine their passion.

International Grenache Day was established by the Grenache Association to honor this grape and all of its varieties and wines. Wine lovers around the globe have enjoyed new varieties of this wine over the years that have passed since its first use and cultivation.

Grenache noir, also known as red Granche, is the most well-known variety of this wine. There is Grenache Blanc as well, which is the fourth most widely planted white wine in France. You can even go further and explore more interesting varieties. There is one called “Hairy Grenache”, which was created to protect itself against transpiration using the same underleaf fuzz mechanism found in rosemary and other Mediterranean plants.

Grenache wine is often overlooked in the worlds of wine. It can be sweet or dry and has a versatile flavor that pairs well with food. International Grenache Day offers wine lovers the chance to learn about this wine and its history.

Grenace Day is here! Celebrate this unhero in the wine world!

It’s easy to get the most from International Grenache Day. A nice bottle of wine is all you need to get started. Enjoy the celebration with friends and hors-d’oeuvres. These are some ideas to pay homage this wine.

Spreading the good news about Grenache is the best way to celebrate International Grenache Day. Gift a Grenache bottle to a friend or relative who is not as knowledgeable about wine, or invite them to share one with you. This will hopefully help them to appreciate this beautiful grape and its fruits.

You can host an International Grenache Day event, gather friends, and enjoy some Grenache wines. Or, you could even host one at your local eatery. A wine tasting event is a great activity to enjoy on Grenace Day if you live in an area that produces Grenache grapes.

Wine lovers will find the Aragon wine areas in the north central region of Spain to be the best way to celebrate International Grenache Day. This region is home to beautiful scenery and incredible landscapes, stretching from the Pyrenees mountains at the southern end to Iberian peninsula at the northern end.

Wine lovers will find Aragon the most appealing place to visit if they want to see the vineyards and wineries that make the Grenache grapes. These are some of the options available for wine tastings and tours.

If you own a winery, this is the perfect day to hold an event and let people learn about it. It’s a great opportunity to show how wine is blended, what ingredients are added and which years of Grenache should stand alone in a particular vintage.

There is no better time than any to let people know all about this incredible grape and the wonderful wines made from it.


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