International Happy Gose Day

International Happy Gose Day

Are you open to trying new drinks? Ever thought of something that sounds intriguing? You would like to have something different from your local bar or pub that will bring out your taste buds?

You will love the uniqueness of Then Gose. It is different from all other regions in Germany. There was a lot of controversy when the law regarding how it should be made was passed by German Brewing. It is a Beer. But it is not your typical beer from your local market. Give it a shot and see if you like it.

This remarkable brew was first made in Goslar in the 16th century. This beer was unique because it spontaneously fermented with no yeast. What was the reason for Germany’s brewing woes?

Although the German purity laws at the time, known as Reinheitsgebot, prohibited the addition of salt and coriander to the dish, they eventually decided to allow it as a regional speciality. The addition of lactobacillus bacteria to the milk after it had been boiled gave the dish its unique flavor.

Gose was officially recognized as one of the sour-wheat beers from Northern Germany, along with the Berliner Weisse and the Belgian Witbier. It was produced until WWII, when it was nationalized. The breweries closed down and it went extinct until 1949, when Friedrich Wurzler Brauerei began producing it again. He knew all the secrets to the famous brew. The techniques to brew the beer were passed on to Guido Pfnister, his stepson.

Ask for the Gose Beer and you’ll be able to try new beers.

Enjoy a night out with your friends, and go on a beer crawl. Each person will order a different beer so that you can all try something different. Make sure to include the Gose on your list. It is a German beer that is well-known and may be something you enjoy for special occasions.


Nov 17 2024


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