International I Hate Coriander Day

International I Hate Coriander Day

Days Of The Year doesn’t like to be filled by hate, but sometimes it is good to vent your frustrations about something. International I Hate Coriander Day is the perfect day to have a good moan about something! There are many people who love coriander. Some people dislike the tiny green leaves and find it annoying when they see green leaves all over a dish. Some of you are probably nodding your heads right now, we know!

Food is something we all love. We all have our own preferences and dislikes. Many people think it’s a crime to put pineapple on pizza. Then there are people who don’t like seafood of any kind. We now have another group of food-haters. These are people who can’t stomach coriander. We are sure there are many more of you out there than you might realize.

What is it that people dislike about coriander? There has been research. According to a Deakin University study, genetics may play a significant role in the hatred for coriander.

Where did the hatred for coriander come from? It all began a few years back when I Hate Coriander was a Facebook group. It was a group of people who shared a dislike for coriander. They would create posts and send messages about their hatred for coriander, and their complete astonishment at anyone who liked it. Although you might think this group was small, it is actually hundreds of thousands strong. The group sells their own merchandise so it is obvious that there is a large worldwide group who hate coriander.

How can you celebrate International I Hate Coriander Day. It is best to avoid coriander in your meals. You should not eat coriander if you don’t mind it or enjoy it.

You may be part of the I Hate Coriander Crew and want to celebrate by criticizing the green herb. You can share photos and memes on social media that express your hatred for coriander. You might even consider purchasing I Hate Coriander merchandise to wear throughout the day, so everyone who comes in contact with you can see your disgust for this widely-used herb.


Feb 24 2025


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