International Ideas Month

International Ideas Month

An idea is what started some of the most amazing, impressive modern things in our world, be they huge, heavy buildings or shiny smartphones. We wouldn’t be able to have all the cool stuff that we do today without ideas.

Things that improve our health and keep us entertained when bored; things that keep the morning commute less stressful. All things that started as a spark in a woman’s mind and are now available for us to use.

International ideas month is about realizing the potential value of your idea, regardless how silly it may seem. This month is the perfect time to start your amazing idea.

What was the last time you had an idea like that? It was in the shower. It was there when you first woke up? Did you think of it when you first woke up, then forget about it?

Everybody has little brainwaves from time to time, but many people let them be brainwaves and not much more. Can you imagine all the great ideas that could have made our lives better, but the creator never had the time to realize them? Don’t let your ideas go! Get them down on paper and start talking with your friends about them. Make real waves.

Ideas are hard to find but easy to forget so make sure to keep them coming. Keep a notepad near your bed so that you can write down any great ideas you have when you get up in the morning or at night.

You might find that you get your best ideas when you are doing things like taking a shower or going on your morning commute. Make a deal with yourself to write down the idea as soon as you can, either on your phone or on a paper. You might have more ideas when you return to it later.


Mar 01 - 31 2025


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