International Irish Whiskey Day

International Irish Whiskey Day

Stuart McNamara, an international whiskey writer, created Irish Whiskey Day. Stuart McNamara writes about whiskey from all over the globe, but his Irish heritage has given him a special love for Irish Whiskey. He was the editor of IrishWhiskey.Com and the Irish Whiskey trail.

Stuart was concerned by the irresponsible marketing of Irish Whiskey outside Ireland as a shot type drink. He was bothered by the fact that the drink was being sold outside of Ireland without acknowledging the incredible amount of science, art and heritage which underpins every glass of Irish Whiskey.

Stuart was particularly concerned by the lack of respect for Irish Whiskey in Ireland on one of the most Irish days of the year, St Patrick’s Day. It is celebrated on March 17th.

Stuart came up with the idea for the day, and it was the first International Irish Whiskey Day. It was more than ten year ago. The date was chosen because of many factors.

For a variety reasons, the number 3 has been a special symbol of Ireland’s independence. Three leaves make up the Shamrock symbol, which is Ireland’s national symbol. Three colours make up the Irish flag: green, white and orange. There are three types Irish Whiskey: Single Malt, Single Grain, and the unique Single Pot Still.

Irish Whiskey, in keeping with the lucky number 3 is triple-distilled. This spirit must mature for three years before it can be called “whiskey”, further proving the luck of the number 3.

So, it was the 3rd March, or 3/3, that became the obvious date for our annual Irish Whiskey Day. It is also exactly two weeks before St Patrick’s Day, which is always on March 17th. This makes it an ideal time to increase awareness.

This day is great for raising a glass of dram. But there’s more to it than drinking. There are many ways to celebrate this important day:

Every March 3, Irish Pubs and Whiskey Clubs around the globe host online and in-person Irish Whiskey samplings, lectures and talks.

These events are intended to inform and educate their members and patrons from all over the globe about the wonder and joy that is Irish Whiskey. Just in time for them to share their newfound Irish Whiskey knowledge with their friends on March 17th St. Patrick’s Day.

Any pub, restaurant, or Irish Whiskey friendly location can create an event and map listing free of charge for their March 3rd Irish Whiskey Day Events, regardless of where they are located.

Invite a group of friends with sophisticated tastes (five to seven is ideal) to a whiskey tasting.

Offer 4-5 types of Irish whiskey. You can choose from:

You will need to provide enough tasting glasses in tulip shapes for everyone to taste each type of whiskey. If you don’t have enough, ask a friend to bring it along.

You should ensure that there is enough room temperature bottled water available to dilute the drinks and for people to drink in between tastings. As a palate cleanser, you can also provide some snacks such as crackers or oatcakes.

Scotch whiskey is often featured in films, but Irish Whiskey might be a little more discernive. If you pay attention, however, Irish spirits are often featured in Cameos on various films and television shows. These are great for viewing when celebrating International Irish Whiskey Day such as:

International Irish Whiskey Day has a growing online audience every year and is helping to build a tribe of Irish Whiskey lovers and aficionados. Get involved in the celebration


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