International Kite Day

International Kite Day

They are pretty and colorful and flutter in the air ….what else could they be? They are kites! What could be better than spending time with friends, each with their own kite beautifully decorated? International Kite Day is a great holiday for those who love these happy, vibrant events.

While no one knows when kites were first used, it is believed that they have been around for over 2,000 years. They likely originated in China. Legend has it that a Chinese farmer tried to keep his hat on the wind by attaching it to a string. When it was gone, he held on to the end of a string. The first kite was thus born.

Kite flying was first documented in 200 BC by a Chinese general who flew a kite over a city that he was attacking to measure how far his troops needed to tunnel to get there.

According to paintings from the Mogul Period, kite flying in India is more recent than 500 years ago. This period had one theme: a kite was used by a young man to send messages to a young girl he loved, who was being kept in isolation.

Many people don’t know that International Kite Day was founded in India in Gujarat state. Gujarat is well-known for its many festivals every year. Gujarati residents start making the kites months ahead of time so that they have enough for all of Gujarat’s millions of visitors.

Uttarayan, in Hindi, is a kite festival that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of summer. It also marks the start of the harvest season. The kites also symbolize the spirits of gods who are rising from deep winter sleep.

Kite-flying in India was once a sport that was only practiced by the royals and the wealthy. But in recent years, it has been made a festival for everyone who comes from all over India (and the world!) You can take part. It could include people from Japan and Italy, Canada, Brazil or Australia.

There are many ways to enjoy and pay attention to International Kite Flying Day, from the simple to extravagant. These ideas will help you get started celebrating the day.

There are many people who love to travel and would be thrilled to have the chance to visit Gujarat on the 14th of January! There is no better way to spend the day than by participating in International Kite Day’s first festival. You will never forget this incredible experience. It will be a day filled with thousands or even millions of colorful kites flying above the area. There will be a lot of Indian food available throughout the day, as well as a variety of people to meet and make new friends.

The kite festival hosts many food stalls as well as kites. There are also performers who put on acrobatic shows and other entertainment. It’s impossible to miss something at the festival! The celebration begins at 5 a.m., and continues through the night. The highlight of the evening is when illuminated kites, known as tukkals or lighted kites, are lit up with candles and released into the night sky. It creates an unforgettable spectacle.

Even if they aren’t physically able to travel to Gujarat for International Kite Day it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the experience in their own way. You can simply buy a kite, and then take it to a park to fly. A sunny day with a kite in your hand is so relaxing that most people will enjoy it anyway.

International Kite Day falls during winter for northern hemisphere residents. This means that the weather may not cooperate with kite-flying. It’s possible to still celebrate International Kite Day by learning how to make a kite and preparing for it. You can make them large or small. They can be used as decorations or even if they aren’t immediately usable. You can find the instructions online for making these items.

This would be a wonderful day for parents with children. Parents and children are rarely able to speak to one another these days due to their technology obsessions. A picnic or an outdoor afternoon can be the perfect way for the family to share a laugh and have a conversation. It will also help them feel closer.


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