International Lace Day

International Lace Day

This is a beautiful representation of the intricate details of weaving and needlework that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. International Lace Day is about that!

Lace is believed to have originated in Europe in the 16th Century as an open-work decorative piece of fabric. You could make it from one thread (known as needle lace) or several threads (known as bobbin-lace). Both methods of making lace appear to have been developed at the same time.

Books with patterns for lace-making appeared in print sometime in the middle of the 16th century. This craft, which had been hand-made for hundreds of years, was eventually industrialized in Britain at the end 18th century.

Lace was originally made from linen thread, but it evolved into silk or metallic gold for the wealthy. In the 19th century cotton was popular as a durable thread and lace was created from it.

International Lace Day celebrates this delicate art form and all that it brings to the planet. Learn more about lace, and enjoy the beauty of this art.

These ideas will help you celebrate International Lace Day with elegance and beauty.

Women can celebrate International Lace Day by simply wearing lace. It doesn’t need to be reserved for special occasions. It’s acceptable to wear lace to work or at a dinner party. You can celebrate the occasion with a lace blouse, a lace skirt, or a lace scarf.

Even though lace isn’t as popular as it once was, it can still make a thoughtful and beautiful gift. A treasured gift, lace doilies made from crocheted thread were once given to young women to keep in their hope box for when they got married. Lace is a timeless gift that can be treasured for generations.

Lace is an old craft, and requires attention to detail. It can be fun to learn, and it will be amazing to see the finished product. You can sign up for a class in a local crafting shop, community college, or online.


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