International Lefthanders Day

International Lefthanders Day

Due to their hand dominance, Left Handers, also known as Southpaws, can make jokes year round about everything from scissors to knives to can openers and cork screws.

This is the day to forget all that and celebrate Left Handers Day with all right-handed people around the world. As the old saying goes, right-handed people work on the left side, while left-handed people function on the right. Only left-handed people can think right!

It’s time for Left Handers Day!

The Lefthanders International organization celebrated its first anniversary in 1976. It helped to raise awareness about the many difficulties left-handed people can face.

In the 1600s, witchcraft was a crime for one hand being used more than the other. This was just the beginning. Because only 10% of the population is left-handed, items that are made for left-handed people are often more expensive than those made for right-handed people.

Left-handed individuals can get a mark up of nearly 75 percent on objects such as knives, scissors, and school desks. Golf clubs can see up to 200 percent increases depending on the brand. Sports fans will not be disappointed.

It can be hard and expensive but left-handers are still unique and fascinating people. This is the ideal day to celebrate them.

Celebrate Left Handers Day with fun and simplicity. These are some ways to celebrate:

Today is the day for left-handed people to enjoy and celebrate! Wear a left-handers shirt and share a photo on social media. Show your pride by being left-handed and embrace this unique quality!

People who aren’t left-handed can reach out to their left-handed friends and family and offer them a hug and a congratulations for all the hardships they’ve faced throughout their lives. Let them know how fascinating they are and how grateful you are for your contributions to the world. Invite them to lunch or coffee. Offer to try the other hand.

Ok, maybe their shoes would be identical. What about their scissors? Or knives, guitars? Computer mouse? You can take some time to understand the struggles of a left-handed person living in a right-handed world and share your feelings. You can do this easily by asking them to lend you their left-handed scissors, and then use them with your right hand. People often understand when they feel uncomfortable.

A Southpaw may find it difficult to learn to throw a ball, write on a desk that is designed for them. So why not just swap the table and have them sit at a left-handed student desk so they can write with their right hand.

Expose individuals to the difficulties associated with using a left-handed paring knife in their right handed. Show them how coffee cups are designed with picture and writing. This means that one must use the cup in their right hand to get the best out of it. Look at a computer mouse that is meant for a right-handed person and see how difficult it can be to switch it to the left-handed mode.

But don’t forget to laugh at the funny jokes and facts that go along with the notion that left-handed people are better than right handed people. People who are right-handed are better than those who are left handed.

Remind others that not everyone is born with the right hand, but only those who are truly gifted can overcome it. Tell a friend that only one hand is used by octopuses. It is also believed that polar bears are primarily left-handed.


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