International Lego Day

International Lego Day

Lego – Have you ever played with it? For almost 70 years, these little colored plastic bricks have been inspiring creativity and joy in children and adults of all ages. Lego bricks are small but powerful. They inspire creativity and can be used for almost any purpose.

Lego is a versatile toy that appeals all ages. It’s no surprise that it is now the World’s Most Powerful brand. In 2017, Lego topped Google, Nike and Ferrari. However, Lego began from humble beginnings, making International Lego Day a mark of the beginning.

International Lego Day takes place on the same day Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (a Danish carpenter) submitted his patent in 1958 for the first Lego brick. This toy brick is unlike any other brick. It features a complex interlocking brick system that makes it stronger, more versatile and less likely to break if dropped.

Godtfred was not one to be feigned. He made sure to patent his design for a single Lego brick and also the idea of multiple Lego bricks being combined in a building system. This protected his design against being copied by others. While Lego is most commonly associated with this date, Godtfred founded the company in 1932. He created a range of wooden toys and took the name Lego from the Danish word “LEg GOdt”, which means “play well”.

Lego was ahead of its time and bought an injection mold machine to make plastic toys. This move led to the creation of the first plastic Lego brick in 1949. Lego became a global business that sold in 42 countries over the 17 years between 1949 and 1966. The company boasted a product line that included 57 Lego sets and 25 Lego cars, and factories that produced more than 706,000,000 Lego elements per year. But the company never stopped growing.

The LEGOLAND Band was founded in 1967. In 1968, the first LEGOLAND opened to the public. It attracted more than 625,000 visitors its first season. There are currently nine LEGOLANDS in Europe, Asia, and the USA, with three more opening over the coming years.

Today Lego is a global business. Its strong brand identity and simple design keep it a favourite among children. However, its versatility and history make it more collectible for adults.

You don’t have to be over 60 to celebrate International Lego Day. These are some ways you can celebrate International Lego Day.


Jan 01 - 28 2025


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