International Midwives’ Day

International Midwives’ Day

Anyone who thinks about it will see that women didn’t always give birth at hospitals. In fact, most often they gave birth at home under the guidance of an experienced woman. These women were known as Midwives. They were skilled in the birthing process and helped bring it to fruition naturally. International Midwives Day reminds us that the female body can give birth and carry a child to term naturally without the use of invasive techniques. There are also records from all over the globe of Midwifery traditions. These women were those who studied the birthing process and recognized its vital role in the preservation of the species and cultural significance. Although their ancient practices were based on experience and superstition in the past, modern midwives are as competent and capable at delivering a woman as the more common OB/GYNs and Obstetricians. However, this medical field has been almost exclusively a women’s specialty for thousands of years. In fact, to become a midwife in Ancient Greece, you needed to give birth, which made it a strictly female practice. This history is what led to the split between midwifery and obstetricians in Europe in 17th century. Although midwifery has been in decline for some time over the last 100 years, home birth is becoming more popular than ever. International Midwives Day is a celebration of these courageous women and men, and their role in providing a healthy home and a happy birth. There have been many themes throughout the years. Each year, there is a new theme. There have been years when themes have continued into the next year. We have seen some of the most popular themes so far. Let’s take a closer look. There are many reasons International Midwives Day is important. The following are some of the reasons why International Midwives Day is so important. You can thank a midwife for helping you to give birth to your child. There are many other ways you can help International Midwives Day. You might consider other ways to inform the public about midwives. A high-visibility event could be organized for the day. You could organize anything from a marathon, to a march, rally, or public performance. You can also create a social media campaign. If you are a skilled user of the Internet and have a strong online presence, you can encourage others to share their experiences with midwifery care.


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