International Migrants Day

The courage to move is a sign of a person’s determination to overcome hardship and live a better lifestyle. Globalization and advances in communication and transportation have greatly increased the number and ability of people to move to other countries.

The new era has brought about challenges and opened up opportunities for societies around the globe. It has also served to highlight the obvious linkage between development and migration, as well the opportunities for co-development. This is the coordinated improvement of economic and socioeconomic conditions at both destination and origin. Let’s now jump into the history of International Migrant’s Day.

International Migrants Day (or International Migrants Day) is an international day that falls on the 18th December. It was established by the General Assembly at the United Nations on December 4, 2000 after taking into consideration the increasing number of migrants around the world. The General Assembly adopted an international convention to protect the rights of migrants and their families on December 18th 1990. International Migrants Day (IMD) is observed in many countries and intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations. It involves the dissemination of information about human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants and sharing of experiences to help design actions to protect migrants.

In the case of humans, migration is the act or process of moving from one place into another. Moving from one country to another to establish new lives in a new place. Nomadic movements, which are not considered migrations, are generally not considered to be such as those that have no intent to settle in the new country. This lifestyle is rare among nomadic peoples. Temporary movement of people to travel, tourism, pilgrimages or commute is not considered migration if there is no intention to settle down in the destination.

To celebrate International Migrant’s Day we can host a party to bless the migrants who came to our country. To celebrate the contributions of migrants to our country, we can go out and give food and supplies to those in greatest need to help them through the difficult times.


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