International Mud Month

International Mud Month

Each day, we sit in cubicles or under flickering lights staring at screens that glow with a digital world. Every day, we become a little lost in the cold light of electron paths.

Children can get lost in games and experience narratives from other worlds without ever being able to open their minds or find the story within themselves.

International Mud Month was established to remind us of the fact that we are not in the perfect world of man, but instead, there is the chaotic organization of nature’s realm and the importance to maintain our connection to it.

Bold Park Community School’s children joined hands with the Nepalese Panchkhal boys to celebrate the primal and visceral connection that all humans have with Earth and the natural world.

Bold Park took this opportunity to raise money to support the children of Nepal. Schools, families, and ECE centres from around the globe have come together to promote the idea of everyone needing to play in the mud occasionally to remind us what it is to be human.

After a year of lost in technology and digital glamour, it was decided that just one day of playing in the dirt wasn’t enough to bring us back to our feet. In 2015, the name of the event was changed to “International Mud Day”.

It’s more than just about our personal connection to the Earth. It’s also about how humans relate to each other and the relationships they form throughout their lives. International Mud Month reminds us that no two people are the same, just like any two ponds of water.

Get out there and explore the mountains and fields. You can find the streams and flowers by going out amongst the blossoming plants. Take a walk up the mountain and down into the wooded valley to find fairy dens.

Start coordinating with others to organize fund-raisers that are centered around the idea of remembering that we all were wild once and that the digital world should not be our master! Play in the mud and get out there!


Jun 01 - 30 2025


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