International Music Day

International Music Day

Many people consider music the light of their lives. Music is a way to inspire, encourage and bring people together. Music is good for your brain and health. Studies show that it can provide positive emotional, physical and mental responses to people who listen to it as well as those who sing or play it.

Music is found in nature, and humans have been creating it since before the dawn of time. Singing or humming seem to be an integral part of human development. Babies can begin singing as young as three months of age!

Music has unique characteristics depending on where it was born, but it is an activity that is only available to humans and is part of every culture around the globe. Music is a common bond between human beings.

In this spirit, the International Music Council (UNESCO) was established in 1949 as an associate organization. Its purpose was solidarity among human beings within the global music ecosystem. International Music Day was established by this organization to connect, encourage and provide access to musicians all over the globe.

The 15th General Assembly, International Music Council in 1973 initiated the first International Music Day in 1975. It was established to encourage musical art in all areas of society and to apply the UNESCO ideas on peace and friendship between people.

There are many methods for teaching music that have been accepted all over the globe, but some are specific to particular cultures. Children in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas are taught music through a variety of methods, including singing and playing instruments like recorders and percussion, such as drums and bells.

International Music Day invites everyone to participate, regardless of whether they are a professional or novice musician, or if they are an opera singer or just someone who can’t sing a tune.

International Music Day provides a wide range of opportunities to celebrate and enjoy music and all it has to offer. These are some ideas to get involved:

You can celebrate International Music Day by listening to some music, whether it’s classical music that stimulates the brain or modern music that inspires movement and dance. You can turn up the music in your car or put on headphones at work to enjoy the benefits and fun that music offers.

Make playlists on an online music platform and turn on your car radio. Grab some old CDs or vinyl to play on your vintage record player. There are many ways to listen to music to celebrate the day.

You can now go out to listen to live music. It doesn’t matter if International Music Day is related or not, it would be great to attend a concert or other musical event celebrating the day.

Take a seat in the high school’s musical production. Open mic nights are held at the local bar. You can attend an orchestra concert in the local chamber hall. You can also get tickets for the rock star you have been waiting to see. You can join the music in any way you like.

Have you been thinking about taking up piano lessons or learning to play guitar? International Music Day may be the perfect opportunity to start! You can join the rest of the world to learn how to make music, or improve your skills by joining a local collective, finding a teacher or taking a class. Even for those not gifted, it is fun and rewarding to learn and grow in music making.


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