International Ninja Day

International Ninja Day

Assassination and infiltration are just a few of the many skills that a ninja can master. The ninja are clad in black from head to foot, and appear out of the darkness like hawks on stolen wings. They strike their prey, disappearing without leaving any trace.

Rumours have it that Ninjas are masters of KujiKiri. This eastern magic practice allows them to combine their natural ability to move as ghosts with supernatural abilities. International Ninja Day commemorates and honors these ancient warriors from Japan and China.

Get ready to enjoy International Ninja Day!

Understanding the history and origins of International Ninja Day is essential in order to fully appreciate its significance. The Sengoku period saw the original Ninja as warriors from the Iga Province in Japan.

These warriors were born from the rural poor and had no access to armor, weapons or training. Their own skills and abilities were all they had. A few of the key weapons were small enough that they could be tucked into a large shirt or belt.

This may be why many of the weapons used by the ninja come from agricultural roots such as the Kunai or sickles. They were also disguised weapons. They can make it appear that the ninja is a farmer who works in his field rather than an infiltration-focused assassin.

Actually, the “traditional” black clothing worn by ninjas was inspired by how they were presented in theatre. They were the ordinary people in their region and therefore invisible to the ruling classes. They were not identifiable by their clothes, weapons, banner, or nationality. They were just the average citizens of their country, and therefore they are virtually invisible.

This idea was represented in the theater by stage hands who played the role of the ninjas. They wore black clothing that covered their heads and made them virtually invisible against the black backdrop of the stage. These stage-hands were not something that people used to see, so it was a surprise when they suddenly appeared in the play.

You can either take this day seriously as a ninja guru or have some fun with it. These ideas for International Ninja Day can make it a lot of fun.

A whole genre of filmmaking has been built around ninjas. There are many movies that feature ninjas today. Some of them can be considered some of the finest pieces of cinema in any genre.

You can try one or two of these ninja movies in the course of the day, or you could do a marathon and watch them all! ):

You can start the International Ninja Day celebration by creating a list of must-see items and gathering friends or family to watch them at a traditional Japanese or Chinese dinner. Or, you could order take-out at an Asian restaurant.

You can make a playlist for your time, whether you are getting together with friends like the one above or just sitting around waiting for something to happen. These songs are a good starting point.

You can dress up in a ninja costume to add to the madness that is ninja history. You can either plan ahead and buy a Halloween costume or go to a costume shop that is open all year.

You can wear your traditional uniform wherever it is from and go out on the streets. But make sure you turn it upside down.

If it falls on a World Day, you can use this day to be an office ninja/cube ninja and don the black costume to work. Be prepared to answer coworkers’ questions about International Ninja Day.


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