International Nurses Day

Many people believe that doctors are the most important members of the healthcare system. However, this is not true. As the undisputed underdog, nurses are responsible for the safety, well-being, and recovery of patients in all our medical institutions.

Nurses are able to have a vast amount of knowledge and develop many skills over years. They work in extremely stressful environments, where stress is just part of their job. Nurses are able to bring life back into the world by caring tirelessly for the sick or injured. Sometimes, they even have to watch their patients die.

Many times, a nurse was the one who spotted a problem in a prescription and saved someone’s life. Recognize the long hours and the emotional strain that nurses face on International Nurses Day.

International Nurses Day was created to honor and pay tribute to all nurses worldwide and their incredible work. It’s crazy to imagine a world without nurses. Who would care for us if we weren’t feeling well? Nurses are so important in our lives and in the lives of those we love. It is right that we celebrate their contributions and acknowledge all that they do!

Nurses play a wide variety of roles and are responsible for many different tasks in the workplace. These include writing care plans, helping with tests and evaluations, setting up blood transfusions, monitoring and administering drugs, and recording patients’ condition. They also keep patient records, supervise student nurses, organize staff, and comfort patients and their families. These are just a few of the many responsibilities. The list of tasks nurses can perform includes emergency response, planning hospital discharges, routine investigations, and more. The health and well-being of all people around the globe is inextricably tied to nurses.

It all started in 1953 when Dorothy Sutherland, a U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare official, approached President Dwight D. Eisenhower to propose he declare a “Nurses Day”. He did not accept her suggestion at the time. Since 1965, the International Council of Nurses celebrates May 12th.

All nurses should remember May 12th, which is the anniversary Florence Nightingale’s birth. She is widely believed to be the founder of modern nursing. This day was officially declared International Nurses Day in January 1974. Every year, ICN creates and distributes the International Nurses Day Kit. This kit contains educational and public information materials for nurses all over the world.

Every year, International Nurses Day has a different theme. It is worth taking a look at this theme to get a better idea of what the focus is and to help you decide on the activities you will be doing to mark International Nurses Day. One of the most recent themes was “Nursing in the World to Health.” This theme focuses on the true value nurses provide to all people. Many of the most important organizations in the world will use this theme to guide their celebrations.

This day is about nurses’ tireless contributions to society. Take this opportunity to express your appreciation to a nurse who has taken such good care of you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or make extravagant gestures of appreciation. It is sad that many people don’t thank their nurses enough. They see them as robots who can only follow doctor’s orders. So, any way you can say “Thank You” will make the nurse’s day.

Today is the perfect day to express gratitude for how a nurse cared for you. Take a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine to show your gratitude.

After spending months in hospital, some people decide to order cake or pizza for their entire medical team. This gesture is one that will be remembered for a lifetime, should you choose to make it. As we have said, the best thing is the thought. The main goal of a nurse is to help you through treatment. Knowing that you have succeeded is an added reward.

You might want to do some research on Florence Nightingale, as this day marks the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. You can find many online resources as well as books that have been published. Florence Nightingale is credited with the founding of modern nursing. She was a nurse trainer and manager during the Crimean War. Her role included organizing care for wounded soldiers. She was a symbol of Victorian culture and gave nurses a positive reputation.

Florence, who established a nursing school for women in 1860, also laid the foundations of professional nursing. It was located in London at the St Thomas’ Hospital. It is now part of King’s College London. It was the first ever secular nursing school in the world, which is quite an achievement. These are just a few of her accomplishments. Social reforms she has made include increasing female participation in the workforce and helping to abolish prostitution laws. She also advocated improved hunger relief in India and better healthcare for all parts of Britain.


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