International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day

You are about to meet your fellow nap-time warriors. It is the day when you lift your fluffy pillows high, and take off into the streets. You will be able to carry your duvets and bolsters, dakimakura, gulls and all kinds of pillows, as well as your bed pillows, and engage in noble combat against the heretic inhabitants on the other side of the bed.

The stuffing will be scattered like the intestines from slaughtered plushies and feathers will fly. There will be laughter everywhere. International Pillow Fight Day gives you the chance to let your pillows fight it out in a battle royale.

Flash mobs were a popular trend. People were gathering all over the place to perform spontaneous acts of sanity, which brought people together in fun and interactive ways. Pillow fights are a tradition that has been around for as long as pillows have existed. However, modern technology and a love for the absurd have made them more popular than ever before.

Pillow Fight Clubs were inspired by Fight Club, a film in which men came together to renounce their identities and regain their masculinity through bare-fisted fighting.

Although it was initially small, the Pillow Fight Clubs grew rapidly. Pillow Fight Clubs were formed in London, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, and San Francisco. Finally, in a great act of solidarity, the World International Pillow Fight Day was held in March 2008. Every year, International Pillow Fight Days are celebrated all over the globe. This day is a way to get away from the stresses of the world and bring people together in celebration of something they all wanted, but didn’t know they needed.

The world’s biggest pillow fight took place in many places, with back-alley brawlers in Boston swinging duvets, and ponder being swung by Copenhagen. In Paris, decorative pillows were engaged in combat, as Kissen was blasted into Kissen in Stockholm.

This was the chaos that World International Pillow Fight Day brought to every corner of the world. Countless pounds of feathers and stuffing were thrown around in the name of having fun. Once the feathers had settled, everyone who participated understood that the same thing must be repeated every year until all of the pillows in the world were gone.

Even if Tyler Durden is not the resident of your town, there are still ways to get involved. International Pillow Fight Day is a great opportunity for friends to have fun and show off their bosses, for siblings and cousins to relive the joy of sleepovers in their youth, or for strangers looking to get some steam under their belts or to heal their injuries.

Celebrate International Pillow Fight Day!

It’s easy to do so. It’s easy enough to do so.

You can challenge your roommates to a battle or have your neighbors challenge you to a battle. Or, host a huge street party where everyone is invited to take part in a Pillow Fight Royale. Although it may seem silly, this pillow fight can be epic in just a few minutes. Everybody has a pillow. Some lucky people have three or more. It seems obvious who will win with such a large arsenal.

If history of warfare, competition and battle has taught anything, it is that the most prepared people don’t always emerge from the ashes or the feathers unscathed. International Pillow Fight Day goes beyond having the best ammunition. You need to be able to use your tactics and determination as well as a willingness to have fun. It is not for the faint-hearted or sleepy-eyed.

As with any battle, tactic is key. Pincer movements will see a revival, and nimbleness will be your friend. A desire to continue until you run out of feathers and plush will ensure that you are able to go to sleep the next day.

Grab your favorite pillow and get out of your blankets. International Pillow Fight Day allows you to show the world that all your hours spent in bed, watching Netflix and snoozing until midnight have been worthwhile.

Since the moment you realized that it is better to stay in bed than get out, you have been planning for this moment. It is important to understand the design, velocity, and makeup of a perfect-weighted pillow in order to get a good night’s rest. Anyone who loves the idea of putting other people to sleep once and for all has an advantage. You have the tools, so pick your weapon well and get out there to enjoy one of the most fun, hilarious, but also enjoyable days of the entire year.


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