International Pineapple Day

International Pineapple Day

It is our favorite fruit. A lush, prickly and green-leafed ground fruit that makes a great addition to any meal. It is sweet and tangy by itself and is the perfect definition of tropical. You can make it tropical! You can make something tropical by adding a slice of this fruit to it. This is the pineapple, the pine that’s not a pine, and the apple that’s not an apple. Pineapple Day is dedicated to the most delicious little fruit and greatest myth of them all, the pineapple. It doesn’t grow on trees. You didn’t know this? This is a common misconception. Most people believe that this prickly fruit hangs from a tree just like a coconut.

Pineapples, a tropical fruit that is native to the Americas, were first discovered being eaten by the Tupi. The Tupi people’s term for the fruit is “Excellent Fruit”, which perfectly describes everyone’s reaction. Pineapples can be considered herbaceous perennials. This means they grow for longer than two years and are not woody.

These plants are so ambitious in growing that they can grow multiple stalks (called’suckers’) to produce more fruit. Amazing! More than one pineapple per tree. They have been exported all over the globe since their discovery. One of their distinctive traits is that they do not ripen after being harvested. They can be stored on shelves for a long time, which gives them a great shelf life.

Pineapples can be used in many ways, including as a standalone treat or to make a refreshing fruit beverage that is rich in vitamin C.

Pineapple Day is best celebrated by eating this delicious fruit. It can be eaten fresh cut or in slices in a variety of ways. You can also use it to make a classic American dessert, the pineapple upside-down cake. This is a delicious, rich pineapple cake that you bake in a pan with pineapple slices. Then, you transfer the cake onto a plate. You can’t ask for anything more than a delicious pineapple-topped cake! On Pineapple day? No one.


Jun 27 2024


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