International Plastic Bag Free Day

They are thin plastic bags that we use every day. You can almost guarantee that your shopping trip will end with a bag full of new goodies, whether you are looking for groceries or Prada.

When you get home, you will quickly take them out like a child opening Christmas presents and throw away the wrapping. Did you ever stop to think about what happens to the plastic bags? Have you ever thought about how many plastic bags we use in a single year?

Plastic pollution is a global disaster and unfortunately it is man-made. Did you know that around 500 billion plastic bags are being used worldwide? Think about how many bags are going to end up being littered around the globe. This has a very negative effect on the environment and wildlife, as well as human health.

Plastic pollution is causing severe damage to the marine ecosystem. 31 marine mammals have been found to have eaten marine plastic, while more than 100 species of seabirds have consumed plastic artifacts. Over 250 species have been found to be entangled in plastic. Some seal and sea lion species have entanglement rates as high as eight percent.

It is extremely dangerous as it leads to the transport of invasive species. This can have a devastating effect on biodiversity. The impact is not only on us, but also the environment. The ocean’s plastic particles attract toxins which then affect us as they enter our food chain.

International Plastic Bag Free Day aims to raise awareness about the very real and urgent issues caused by disposable bags. The bags that we buy from retailers are only used for a very short time. Usually, they are thrown away after 25 minutes.

They might be gone from our minds, but they are not extinct from our world. Plastic bags can remain in the environment for between 100 and 500 years before eventually rotting completely. This has a significant impact on our environment.

There are huge reefs out in the vast ocean that are made up of all kinds of plastic waste. Plastic bags are a major component of these reefs. These floating islands, which span hundreds of miles, are a reminder of mankind’s disregard for the environment and wastefulness. International Plastic Bag Free Day is an opportunity for us to remind ourselves and others that our actions and the bags we use have a lasting impact on the lives of all people around the world.

Bag Free World created International Plastic Bag Free Day. This global initiative was started by Bag Free World to eliminate single-use plastic bags. It promotes environmental conservation by encouraging people to use less plastic bags and look for eco-friendly alternatives.

It’s possible to do it all in one day if we are able to do it by the end of the year. This day is important for raising awareness about the dangers of plastic bags and their harmful effects on wildlife, marine life and the environment. It is important to spread awareness and voice your opinion on this day.

There are many ways to celebrate. The easiest is to make a resolution. Even if you only have one day to celebrate, consider using paper instead of plastic. Or, better yet, bring your own bags to the shops to pick up your goods. Customers who bring their own bags may be eligible for discounts or other perks. Start a program if you have a store to encourage customers to bring their own containers.

If you want to become even more proactive, then you can head to to help organize events, network with other people in your area and around the world who are striving to make a difference, or find an event to volunteer and help with yourself! You can also tell your friends about a bag-free day by posting a story!

Simple gatherings of people walking along roads, beaches, or rivers to pick up trash are some of the most popular activities on International Plastic Bag Free Day. There are a shocking number of plastic bags.

Millions of plastic bags are being disposed of every day. Without active citizens like you, we will have to deal with hundreds of million of pounds of plastic bags that clog rivers and oceans around the globe. This problem has grown to such an extent that once-clean beaches are now littered with plastic bags made from natural materials and garbage plastic.

You can also celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day in many other ways. Make your own bag. You can find many different tutorials and ideas online for making your bag.

You can also take other steps to commemorate this date. You can also recycle all the plastic in your house and office. You don’t have to be concerned with plastic bags only. Don’t limit your efforts to clean up plastic bags. You can also donate your time and money to environmental charities or organizations that work on clean-up the waterways and landmasses. There are many great organizations out there doing incredible work. But they need your help. We are certain they would appreciate any kind of assistance you could offer.


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