International Playdate Day

International Playdate Day

This holiday is for you if you believe kids should be outside more often. International Playdate Day is all about making sure your children have enough time to play outside and scheduling them accordingly. It’s easy for children to get lost in their games, and play dating is an essential part of childhood. Learn more about the holiday’s history, and how you can celebrate it at Days of The Year.

Ilona Viluma (mother and CEO of GIGI Bloks) was the original inventor of International Playdate Day. She has been concerned about technology use by her children over the past decade as a mother. She felt that children spend too much time on phones and tablets than with their families. This holiday was created to encourage play and social interaction and for parents to schedule play dates with their kids. GiGi Bloks, her company, enforces the idea of play by creating toys that encourage imaginations in children.

The holiday is designed to bring parents and children together by encouraging imagination and playing. Viluma says her concern for children comes from observation. She sees that many kids don’t play outside as much anymore. Whether that is due to technology is still up for debate. Parents can arrange playdates with their children, teach them how to be outside safely, and bring them together. The day is free of television and games, and the children can just be themselves.

Call a friend or neighbour to arrange a playdate for your children and theirs. If you believe the playdate has helped your child, encourage your child to use their imagination and not look at the screen every so often. If you don’t have children but know someone who does, then share the holiday using #playdateday on your favorite social media sites. This will give your friends great ideas for how to keep their children happy and healthy.


Jan 21 2025


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