International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day

Since its inception, the internet has changed nearly everything. The way we transmit and receive information has seen the most changes, from written to digital. This has affected radio as well, with streaming radio becoming more popular and “local radio” taking on a new meaning. This shift in paradigms has led to a new vision of radio broadcasts, and more specifically radio talk show/dramas. International Podcast Day is a celebration of this innovative technology and all the amazing things that have resulted from it.

Let’s begin by explaining what a podcast actually is. Podcasts are serialized shows that look a lot like radio programs. You can download or stream it through different sites and apps. It is available wherever you have internet access. There are millions, if not even millions, of podcasts available in all possible genres. They can also be accessed from anywhere, unlike radio broadcasts. Although podcasts have a smaller audience than radio stations, it is worth noting that they are targeted to a particular audience.

You want a horror podcast? There are horror podcasts like “The Black Tapes” and “Tanis”, science fiction broadcasts, Zombie broadcasts (our personal favorite), and even broadcasts about mythology (“Lore”) Podcasts are available for almost everything, including gardening, car repairs, computer programming, as well as news about current events. The beauty of podcasts is the ability to target specific interests. Popular broadcasts can often partner with companies such as Audible to make money advertising on their shows.

International Podcast Day gives you the chance to explore the vast world of podcasts, and to see what they have to share. You’ll find something that interests you in the podcast community if you search for your favourite genres from TV, radio, or movies. There are no limits. If you like what you listen to and feel inspired, you can jump in the world of podcasting to start your own podcast. You might be the next big thing on the internet!


Sep 01 - 30 2024


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