International Read To Me Day

International Read To Me Day

Bedtime was a time when we were young. Bedtime meant getting into a warm bath, then going to bed. It was the sound of our parents telling us favorite stories that helped us fall asleep, and perhaps even dream those tales. International Read To Me Day is a day that allows you to remember these memories and reminds you to share them with your loved ones.

The Child Writes Foundation established International Read To Me Day to promote adult literacy. Many adults lack the ability or desire to read for pleasure, making adult literacy a major problem in many countries around the globe. It was clear that reading to children as a child can encourage literacy and love of reading in adults. These findings led to the obvious. To encourage literacy foundations by reading to children, a holiday was needed. Thus, “International Read To Me Day” was created!

Although the holiday is primarily about encouraging children to read it also highlights some fundamental facts that can be applied to adults. Reading to someone is a intimate act. It can bring comfort to others and create intimacy between them. It was common for elderly people with impaired eyes to hire someone to read to them their favorite stories in Victorian times. A bedtime story can be more intimate than watching a film together, so it is a good idea to read a story together.

This is a simple one. Before you go to bed, share a story. Reading is a wonderful way to end the night, whether you are reading with a child or a romantic partner. Reading can also help expand vocabulary and encourage creativity. It also helps with all aspects of cognition so you will be building relationships with your child while also helping to maintain a healthy mind and foster communication.


Mar 19 2025


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