International Red Panda Day

International Red Panda Day

Red Pandas are facing difficulties due to the loss of their natural habitat. International Red Panda Day aims to educate people about these cute creatures and save their biome.

Red pandas, which are native to the Eastern Himalayas, can still be seen roaming around there. These animals spend their entire lives in trees, and sometimes even sleep high up. They are nocturnal when foraging but also forage in the dawn and dusk.

These rust-colored creatures are suffering from a loss in bamboo and nesting trees due to human expansion and human activity. This has led to a decrease in their population. To help these firefoxes, wild efforts are increased by more than 10,000 each year.

Many people assume that red pandas are larger than they actually are, as their name is often associated to the giant panda. These tiny creatures are about the same size as a house cat. However, their long, bushy tails add 18 inches to their height. While red pandas love bamboo, they also enjoy other foods, such as fruits, acorns and roots. They have a wrist bone that acts almost like a thumb, which aids in climbing.

This day can be celebrated in many ways. You could tell a friend or travel to the Red Panda’s native place to celebrate. These are some ideas to celebrate International Red Panda Day.

Support those working to save these adorable animals and their habitats by visiting your local zoo. These little guys can sometimes be difficult to spot so make sure you keep your eyes open. They spend a lot of time in trees and are therefore difficult to spot in the enclosures at zoo.

Share some trivia and facts on International Panda Day to help others understand the suffering of these adorable little animals.

Combine your love for travel and a desire to help these animals. Red Panda Network offers Eco Trips that allow participants to travel to one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, and learn about the importance of forest protection. Participate in community-based conservation efforts while enjoying small-group hospitality and local hospitality. These trips offer the chance to see Red Pandas wild!

You can return home after the trip and share the story with others. It’s a win/win situation!

Red Panda Network provides suggestions and facilites ways that humans can help these tiny creatures survive and improve their lives. There are many ways to help, including making a donation, organizing a fundraiser, raising awareness, or becoming a “panda guardian”.

Volunteers are being sought to join the network as Red Panda Ambassadors. They are encouraged to participate in the “pandamonium” which revolves around this furry creature’s love. Get involved in the International Red Panda Day celebrations!


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