International Reggae Day

Even people with very little knowledge of Reggae music and its influences will be familiar with Bob Marley. Bob Marley is the 1980’s Reggae musician. He shared his incredible works with the world and the idea that three little birds can tell someone that “everything is gonna be alright!”

Bob Marley’s distinctive sound reached almost every corner of the globe in his time. He wasn’t the only Reggae musician, not by any stretch. He was certainly the most well-known and popular Reggae artist. His musical style has deep spiritual roots as well as a rich history of Ska and Rocksteady music.

International Reggae Day is a celebration of this Jamaican music style and brings it to all those who are unable to.

It’s a great time to tune up and feel the freedom Reggae has to offer!

International Reggae Day, an annual celebration held in Kingston Jamaica, celebrates this music style that originated in a small island nation in the Caribbean. Although it took some time for Reggae to reach every corner of the globe, its unique and relaxed style eventually made it a mainstream music genre.

Reggae was born from Ska and other rocksteady music styles in the 1960s. It quickly gained recognition for its unpolished sound, and strong dependence upon rhythm. It was a small grassroots movement that grew for a while before it reached a wider audience beyond the island where it originated. It was particularly popular in English-speaking countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Reggae is often viewed as music that represents the oppressed, especially in the context of rejecting the “white-man” culture. Some of the guitar effects, called “skengay”, that were created out of Ska music sound like ricocheting weapons. This is a nod towards the sounds of Kingston’s ghetto streets.

By the time Bob Marley arrived on the scene, reggae was a strong style of music that had deep roots. It has not stopped growing over the past half century. Reggae is a popular style that has spread far and wide. There are tons of variations and styles.

One variation is Dub Poetry. This is West Indian Poetry which is then synchronized with incredible reggae beats in order to create a unique musical poetry style.

International Reggae Day, celebrated in Kingston, Jamaica. Thousands of musicians and fans from all over the globe gather there to celebrate the incredible history of reggae music.

Celebrate Reggae Day with us!

Reggae Day celebrations should be relaxed and fun. This is in keeping with the laid-back atmosphere of the music. These are some ideas:

Without Reggae Music, what would Reggae Day look like? These are some of the most well-known reggae musicians that you can add to your playlist for Reggae Day.

There are many great ways to celebrate International Reggae Day. Not the least is going down to Kingston to enjoy some of the most popular music in the world.

If you have difficulty getting to the area, it might be worth dressing up in your finest Rasta colors and filling the day with great Reggae music.

You can add a Caribbean twist to International Reggae Day by cooking up some Caribbean dishes and enjoying the sounds and flavors of Reggae music. There is an incredible demand for goat meat down there.


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