International Repair Day

International Repair Day

Even though the concept of International Repair Day may seem complex, it is actually quite simple. It is possible to do more to take care of our belongings. International Repair Day is about fixing what’s broken and making it visible.

International Repair Day was created to reduce the wastefulness and inefficiency of modern society. There are community repair events all over the world and on social media, to show that we can give our belongings more love and care.

International Repair Day is an initiative that dates back to 2017. The first event took place in 2017. The Open Repair Alliance is an international network of companies and organizations that has come together to create the International Repair Day. They are committed to making electronic products more durable and repairable.

Initial Repair Cafes were established by fellow electricians, handymen, and DIYers like the Repair Cafe Foundation. The Foundation supported local environmentalists and people who care about waste reduction to set up repair cafes where they could have the tools and volunteers needed to fix all types of goods.

Repair Cafes became more popular and so did the idea of trying to make electronics repair more sustainable in the community. This was when the first International Repair Day was created.

International Repair Days has expanded to include those who have started Repair Cafes or Restart Parties. International Repair Days were also used to raise awareness to movements such as the Right to Repair. This movement encourages manufacturers and legislators to make sure that more electronic products are equipped with the resources and information needed to repair them.

International Repair Day is also gaining popularity on social media. Participants are encouraged to share their repair stories and to show off electronics they have repaired.

Even though it is relatively new, there are many ways to celebrate International Repair Day. You can also engage with a community that aims to make products last longer and reduce waste in an ever-evolving society.

Look for events in your area. Restart Parties and Repair Cafes provide the tools needed to fix your electronics. Volunteers are available to help you if you’re stuck.

Some people take advantage of the opportunity to tackle a growing list of household repairs. You can share your photos and stories on social media to celebrate the things you have done around your house.

You could teach other people how to fix up old electronics or parts of your home if you are already a skilled at it. It can be a great habit to teach your children about common tools and how to repair safely. You can also volunteer to fix other people’s things at International Repair Day events.


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