International Sailor Moon Day

International Sailor Moon Day

It all began with a small, black cat who had a lot of words and Usagi Tsukino, a young girl who was given a brooch which transforms her into the Sailor Moon. From that moment on, a team made up of Sailor Guardians is formed and set out to protect the world from any enemies. International Sailor Moon Day is a celebration of this manga and the anime series that came from it. Get out there and be a Guardian!

International Sailor Moon Day’s date is a subtle way to test your fandom. Instead of the obvious choice of Sailor Moon‚Äôs birthday or the date the manga was created, the International Sailor Moon Day is set on Mamoru’s Birthday! This makes perfect sense, considering he is the Prince of Earth and represents all of us. Sailor Moon is so beloved that it has gained an international following. It was originally published in Japan in 1991 and sold over 1 million copies by 1995. The number continued to grow over the years. It is loved by everyone, in manga and anime formats. The book has been sold in over 35 million copies across fifty countries.

Sailor Moon (the manga) is a strong symbol of LGBTQ pride. This is due to its “naturalization of lesbianism”, a result both of its futuristic setting, and the creators’ desire to demonstrate equality in their writing. According to its fans and writers, it emphasizes a feminist model by “combining traditional male action with traditional feminine affection and sexuality”, which is a bold move considering the year it was created.

You can celebrate International Sailor Moon Day by getting out all your DVDs (you already have them!) You can also find them on Hulu and Netflix, so you can watch your favorite shows all day! You can go all out and dress up as your favorite character. It doesn’t have to be the Sailor Moon. You can dress up as Tuxedo Mask or Sailor Mercury depending on what suits your personality the best. Or you could just wear your favorite outfit. Cross-dressing is okay! It’s okay to celebrate your personality by dressing up in their costumes, regardless of gender.


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