International Skeptics Day

International Skeptics Day

Skeptic’s Day recognizes those who help us to keep our feet on the ground, even as we reach for the stars.

There is always that one person in our lives who watches with silent contempt as we go through the latest health crazes and ghost stories. They stop focusing on the evidence and research before they believe anything. Skeptic’s day is your chance to honor a skeptical person in your life.

Skeptic’s day was created to honor the important skeptics in our lives. Skeptics don‚Äôt have to believe everything. They just need to see the evidence, proven and tested. Although this doesn’t make them religious, it does allow them to avoid being taken in by scammers and snake-oil claims. They are both a great resource and a hindrance.

Skeptics are, thankfully enough, abundant in scientific circles. Belief isn’t going make the physical world behave differently from the way it was designed. Technology can’t be made to work by simply putting things together and hoping that they work. You need someone who is capable of seeing how technology works, and that’s your skeptical!

Skeptics Day is celebrated by you becoming one, even if it’s only for 24 hours. If you find a post on the Internet that claims something too unbelievable to be true, don’t believe it. You should research the claims. People will often present information in order to get your reaction. Skeptics understand that opinions can be misleading, but facts can help you avoid being foolish and gullible.

Skeptic’s Day is a day to show appreciation for the skeptics in your life. Thank them for looking out for facts and denying the false claims and beliefs of others who may not be as diligent. Skeptic’s day is their chance to shine so let them know how much you appreciate them.


Jan 13 2025


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