International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day

This day is for those with a passion for the unusual and unusual. International Strange Music Day goes above and beyond to open up to new perspectives and a world that is more inclusive.

The’strange’ can refer to either unknown or bizarre, or both. It is up to each individual to make the decision. International Strange Music Day is intended to open the ears to new sounds.

Patrick Grant, a New York City musician/composer at the time, created International Strange Music Day. The day’s purpose is to encourage people to listen to and play music they have not heard before.

Patrick Grant believed that broadening the musical spectrum of people can also transform society’s view of other aspects. His mantra was ‘listening with no prejudice’.

Strange Music Day was actually started by Grant in 1997 to help him promote his new album “Fields Amaze”. He chose August 24, because it was the birthday of his girlfriend’s father, who had been an artistic mentor to Grant.

The day was growing by 2002 and being picked up at various venues and artists. He decided to add “International” to the name after he learned that the day had reached Europe.

The growing movement is now associated with concerts, has a record label, and is supported by summer schools. It is a great way for young minds to be stimulated.

In 2012, Patrick Grant challenged musicians in New York to take part in an International Strange Music Day Performance Soiree. Various musicians and bands such as Jolly Ramey and The Dreamscape Floppies and Da Groove Commanders, and Micro-tons o’ FUN, among others, were invited to participate in the International Strange Music Day Performance Soiree.

Other events have been held in honor of the occasion in New York, as well as in other cities across the United States. The University of London is one of the many places that have participated in the festivities.

International Strange Music Day is here!

This day is open to all musical people, regardless of their background. International Music Day is a day to celebrate music, both listening and playing. These are just a few of the many ways you can celebrate or think up other creative ideas.

This is the day for those who have a taste that is a little off the beaten path. These ideas will help you create a playlist that inspires for International Strange Music Day, regardless of whether it’s a strange song, a strange genre, or a song with weird words.

Imagine combining a Wonder Woman costume with a frozen turkey drumstick, an inflatable wildebeest and a frozen turkey drumstick to create a percussion concert. International Strange Music Day is the perfect opportunity to do this! You can do something more personal with the items after the music stops.


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