International Surfing Day

International Surfing Day

The unique slang of surfers is well-known. For example, “a young grommet getting a ride along the crest and nearly getting trapped inside.” Traditional beach bums are passionate about the ocean and their sport, and will often risk their lives to catch the perfect wave. International Surfing Day, one holiday that encourages this closeness to the ocean, is just one example of many holidays that celebrate this connection.

International Surfing Day was officially established by Surfing Magazine (a magazine that ran from 1964 to 2017) and The Surfrider Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated primarily to the preservation of the oceans and encouraging surfers to enjoy them).

This holiday encourages people to be conscious of the impact of their activities on the sea, and fosters a passion for surfing. The idea for this holiday was originally born in a Usenet newsgroup group surf forum. However, while the intention was clear, it wasn’t possible to find the resources necessary to make it happen.

People go out to surf on this day. They host events such as barbeques, screenings of films, and other activities that allow people to have fun and educate others. Passionate surfers also volunteer to clean up beaches, restore habitats and maintain recreational areas in order to make the environment and people happy. Surfrider Foundation is an organization that asks for donations. They also organize fundraisers and host contests for prizes like new surfboards or skateboards.

You can join the surfers who are ready to conquer the waves, and also help the Surfrider Foundation by making a donation. You can check their website to see if there are any local fundraisers or volunteer opportunities at an environmental cleanup near you.

You can also share the holiday via social media with #surfday using the hashtag. Let your friends know that you value this holiday.


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