International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day

Happiness is not something you can buy, but sushi is.

It’s become quite popular in the past two decades as the Japanese traditional meal of sushi. Many people mistake sushi for raw fish. In Mexico, there is a word for it: “bait”. However, the truth behind sushi is much more complicated and can be a tasty meal for those who are so inclined. International Sushi Day is a celebration of this delicious dish and aims to spread awareness about the facts and fictions.

We are able to trace the origins of sushi by going back to SE Asia, where we learn about a method for preserving and storing fish for future consumption. Narezushi is the Japanese term for fish. It was preserved in salty and fermented rice, which would keep it fresh for several months. The rice was originally thrown away once it was ready for consumption.

The next stage of the evolution of sushi was far more familiar to modern taste buds. Namanare was made from partially raw fish wrapped in fish. It was eaten before any flavor changes. The original purpose of sushi was to preserve fish, but it has evolved into a new type of cuisine. This was not the end of the food evolution.

The Edo Period in Japan was between 1600-1800AD. This is when the sushi we now know came into being. It was only available in Japan at this time and included fish and vegetables wrapped with rice. The rice was then mixed with vinegar. Although there were regional variations of this form of sushi, the principle idea remains the same.

We hear you saying, “But wait!” You are correct, not all sushi contains raw fish! Sushi can be made with any combination of ingredients and may include cooked portions such as crab sushi. Sometimes, sushi is made entirely from vegetables and contains no meat proteins. International Sushi Day gives you the chance to try this delicious cuisine, and perhaps discover a new favorite comfort food.

These are some fun and exciting ways that you and your friends can celebrate this fishy (or non-fishy in the case sushi) day. day:

This is the easiest way to celebrate International Sushi Day. You can enjoy delicious sushi prepared by professional sushi chefs at your local specialty sushi restaurant. We mean it when we say that some sushi chefs live and breathe the art of sushi. They see it as more than just a food. It takes many years of training and apprenticeship to become an itamea sushi chef in Japan. After five years of training and apprenticeship, an apprentice sushi chef gets their first task: making sushi rice. You can expect excellent food at a sushi restaurant if the entire process takes more than twenty years. What other occupations can train for this long?

People often turn their noses up and scream ‘ewwwww!’ when they think of eating something they don’t like. Although many people mistake this dish for a raw fish dish, we’ve tried to dispel that myth. We suggest taking your best friend to a restaurant to see if they are open to the idea. Try convincing them to have a basic miso soup (umami-based soy soup) or the easy-to-eat Philadaphia rolls, which are made of salmon, avocado and cream cheese. You might leave behind the more complex Wasabi tobiko (sea urchin), or the rare Wasabi tobiko (wasabitobiko with quail eggs has the raw egg yolk in a bed made of caviar and wrapped in a sheet seaweed) until your guests have mastered their taste buds.

Although it won’t taste as good as a professional sushi chef, it is still fun to try. You can find easy-to-follow instructions online for basic sushi recipes. The ingredients and equipment you need to make that perfect roll are also readily available. Have a sushi-making contest with your friends! One of your friends might become a great chef!

It is home to one of the most distinctive cuisines in the world. But that should not be the reason. Here are more:

You can taste the possibilities. You can create your own combinations of seafood, vegetables, seasonings, sauces, and other ingredients to make a truly amazing dish.

Healthiness: It would be difficult to find a dish that is healthier than fish or vegetables. You have a winner!

Coolness: Sushi is the king when it comes to cool food. This dish combines tradition and modern to make it one of the most popular fish dishes.


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