International Tea Day

International Tea Day

Millions of people worldwide enjoy tea every morning from the tea industry. India is one of the largest tea producers in the world and recognizes tea’s importance as a commodity.

Many of the working conditions in the tea industry need to be improved. You might be wrong if you thought this holiday was only about tea. International Tea Day is about tea workers and civil rights. Let’s take a look at how this holiday was created.

Are you a lover of a cup of good tea? International Tea Day is a great way to pay tribute to tea. However, it’s important to also remember those who work in the tea industry. This can be done by raising awareness about their working conditions and helping to improve them.

In 2005, the International Tea Day campaign was initiated by trade unions, small tea-growers and civil society organisations in Asia and Africa. It aims to address issues such as living wages for workers and fair tea prices.

New Delhi’s International Tea Conference produced an International Declaration on Workers and Small Growers Rights to regulate uneven competition, land ownership and safety regulations. It also included a statement on women’s rights and social security. The Tea Board of India proposed International Tea Day to make it an official holiday for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

In 2015, chairman Santosh Kumar Sarangi proposed this. The chairman stated that India’s proposal was supported by the United States, European Union and Sri Lanka. Although the holiday does not have an official status, it is intended to acknowledge the fragile situation tea producers in India face due to current living conditions and worker-related policies.

This day focuses on urgent issues like residues, climate change and technology. It also addresses current trends in tea production and consumption. Over 150 representatives of tea organizations meet to hold a seminar on the day. They discuss the problems facing the tea industry as well as the problems in their country.

Do your research on some of your favorite tea companies if you are a fan of tea. Look for tea brands that support fair trading and consider switching to them to make a change in how you purchase tea. If you are interested, use the hashtag #internationalteaday. This will help to recognize the holiday as an official one and educate others about tea industry.

International Tea Day is another opportunity to enjoy a new variety of tea. Matcha is a popular choice. It is important to shop with care! You must first look at how Matcha was produced.

To avoid bitterness, you must ensure that the stalks and veins are removed. Only the best leaves should be used. The second important factor is the matcha powder’s color. The better the matcha powder, the greener it is. Because Matcha is shade-grown and leaves produce too much chlorophyll, Matcha produces vibrant green shades.

Matcha that is yellow-brown in color is an indication that the leaves are not properly shaded. Also, it could indicate that stalks or branches have been added. The third thing to consider is the price. You can expect to pay more if you are looking for quality.

It is possible that something sounds too good to be true if it seems too good to believe. It is important to feel Matcha. The powder should be fine and silky. The taste is also important when it comes down to quality. It should be clean and naturally sweet.

Make some yummy green tea cookies and hold a bake sale on International Tea Day to raise awareness about working conditions in the tea industry. There are many green tea recipes. There are many ways to enjoy green tea. Green tea can be enjoyed with just hot water. However, it is good to have a variety of green teas, especially for International Tea Day.

Matcha Meringue Cookies are a simple and delicious recipe. Matcha, sugar and egg whites are all you need to make these. Start by mixing the Matcha with the powder sugar. Next whip the egg whites to soft peaks. Gradually add in the sugar, and whip until you get stiff peaks. Fold the Matcha into the mixture, then transfer it to a bag. Pipe the mixture in small pieces onto a baking sheet and bake for about an hour.

You could also make Green Tea Donuts. You will need honey, green tea, melted butter and milk. Mix the green tea, salt and baking powder with the sugar and flour. Mix in the honey, milk, butter, and egg. Pipe the batter into the mold using a pastry bag. Bake the donuts for 8 minutes. You can also make your own glaze – chocolate works well!


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