International Thunderbirds Day

International Thunderbirds Day

Thunderbirds Are Go! Yes, almost every British citizen of any age had a TV at one time or another. The Thunderbirds will be familiar to all. The Thunderbirds, a science-fiction television series that debuted in 1960s, was distinguished by its groundbreaking puppetry and the breathtaking backdrop designs of Gerry Anderson. The show was actually set 100 years into the future, in the 2060s.

Fans love International Rescue’s selfless heroism, team-oriented bravery and selfless heroism. Everyone can now relive their favourite moments and concentrate on the things that made the Thunderbirds such an iconic institution.

Get ready for International Thunderbirds Day

The Thunderbirds have been loved by generations of fans. Thunderbirds began 50 years ago. The most recent revival of the show was in 2015, called Thunderbirds Are Go. It aims to unite all fans to celebrate the legacy and continue the show’s existence.

Thunderbirds fans from all over the globe gather on one day to celebrate the best of what the Thunderbirds offer. Thunderbirds Are Go is an international hit. The new version, Thunderbirds Are Go is available in more than 40 countries while the original show was seen in a staggering 66.

International Thunderbirds Day thrives in digital age because people all over the globe come together to share, celebrate, and discuss their love for this groundbreaking sci-fi series.

International Thunderbirds Day is celebrated on September 9, the day that the original Thunderbirds first appeared on British TV. This is a significant date for Thunderbirds fans and those who wish to remember the legacy of the show’s history and its significance today.

It was broadcast in its first episode back in 1965. Since then, it has been broadcast all over the world. Thunderbirds Are Go’s success has made the values of teamwork, bravery and selflessness a universally loved message. Every year, International Thunderbirds Day is celebrated by more people.

How should a Thunderbirds fan celebrate International Thunderbirds Day, then? These are some fun ways to enjoy the day, or you can create your own.

Many things happen around the globe. You can find out more by visiting There will also be activities and fan meetings. If there isn’t a local gathering, you might consider hosting one and inviting fans to join. It’s a great way to meet new people who share a passion for this show.

Some people just want to watch their favorite Thunderbirds episodes again, from the 1960s or the modern. A watch party is a great way to have fun with friends and get dressed up as Tracy Island residents while they watch. This is a great way for people to get in the spirit of International Thunderbirds Day and to introduce the series to others.

Downloading activities for your home is another fun way to celebrate International Thunderbirds Day. This is a great way to bring families together and share their love of the show. These activities show that there are many ways to celebrate International Thunderbirds Day, no matter how small.

Thunderbirds was released in 2004 almost 40 years after its original series and eleven years before the new series. Although it was expected that the live-action remake would be a hit with fans who are nostalgic, it didn’t make a huge impact at the box office. The film was not created by Gerry Anderson (the original creator).

In 2004, two other Thunderbirds films from the 1960s series were made available on DVD. These films included Thunderbirds Are Go, and Thunderbirds 6.

These films can be a great way for International Thunderbirds Day celebrations to get a feel of the characters. Enjoy a Thunderbirds movie night with your friends.

For more information about International Thunderbirds Day, visit @ThunderbirdsHQ via various social media platforms. Join the fun with other Thunderbirds fans and head over to @ThunderbirdsHQ


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